Game Design Britomart’s Bedroom: Faerie Queen, Book 3, Canto 1, Stanzas 60-66

Britomart’s Bedroom Scene Game Design Remediation:


Our character goes into the Castle Joyeous and then see’s the Redcrosse Knight and the 6 Malecasta Knights guarding Britomart’s bedroom. Our PC then hears a scream from inside of Britomart’s Bedroom. Our PC and the Knights run into Britomart’s Bedroom where they find Britomart welding sword with her smock on and Malecasta on the ground wounded. Our PC and the Redcross Knight run to Britomart and the Knights run to Malecasta.

After conversation with Britomart, the six Knights attack our PC, Britomart, and Redcrosse Knight. During the fight Malecasta is no where to be found. Our PC and Redcrosse Knight talk about where Malecasta went. PC asks Britomart and she tells the PC about her secret entrance to her room. Britomart, Malecasta, and PC go through the secret entrance and find Malecasta in Malecasta’s Bedroom where upon entrance she attacks the PC. The PC wins and completes the Mini Quest.


Britomart’s Bedroom Entrance:

PC: “What is this room that you are guarding?”

Redcrosse Knight: I am guarding Faire Britomart’s Bed Chamber making sure these “Knights” don’t try anything.

PC: Why would they?

Redcrosse Knight: They are Malecasta’s knights you can’t trust them.

Malecasta screams (Sound Effect)

PC: What was that?

Redcrosse Knight: I don’t know. Let’s go!


Inside Britomart’s Bedroom:

PC: What happened in here?

Britomart: I was sleeping soundly when I heard someone in my room! It was Malecasta and I quickly welded my sword and took care of her.

PC: Oh dear! Are you ok?

Britomart: Of course, I am! But it looks like you and Redcrosse might not be.


Fight with 6 Knights of Malecasta (Britomart and Redcrosse help)

*After success*

Redcrosse: Well we handled them but where did Malecasta go off to?

PC: I don’t know. Seems like she ran away but no one went through the door we came in.

Redcrosse: I don’t know ask Britomart

Britomart: She must have gained access to my secret passage door.

Go through Secret Door, Down the Hall to Malecasta’s Bed Chamber,

Malecasta Attacks, She is defeated. If not the player can respawn and try again.



Redcrosse Knight



Malecasta’s Six Knights


Main Quest- Enter Britomart’s Bedroom/Defeat Malecasta’s Knights:

  • Obtain access to Britomart’s Bedroom
  • Defeat Malecasta’s Knights inside of Britomart’s Bedroom

Objective- Defeat Malecasta’s Knights


  • Experience Points
  • Collect Loot
  • Access to Britomart’s Secret Passage

 Side Quest- Find Malecasta:

  • Obtain access to Secret Passage Door in Britomart’s Bedroom through conversation with Britomart
  • Go to Malecasta’s Bedroom

 Objective- Defeat Malecasta after finding her in her bedroom


  • Experience Points

Youtube Video of NWN2 Britomart Bedroom Game Module:


Amanda T., Nathanial E., and Emily G.

What Can You Learn From Video Games?: Answers For My Mom

I was first interested in this Digital Media course because I believed that it would help me further understand how digital media can be used to communicate ideas and stories to people of the 21st century. I thought when I signed up that we would be talking about social media techniques and how it has changed the way people communicate and how it can be harnessed to drive specific messages. Surprisingly, that was not what I got from the course. I got so much more. 

I was intentionally shocked when I found out the class was about video games. I have never truly been into video games and I didn’t think it was for me. How could video games teach me how to strategically use media to communicate a message? My mom was shocked when I told her about my decision to stay in the class; and then confused when I told her about all I was learning. Still she would ask: “What can you learn from video games? And now that the class is coming to a close I finally have answers for her.

I found while taking the course that it has everything to do with message, audience, and community. Video games and the video game industry at large incorporate all of social media in order to create a community around a specific game, game console, or even further a community that already exists like the die-hard fans of the Lord of the Rings. 

Also, speaking of Lord of the Rings the class has successfully incorporated all kinds of media in relation to gaming from poetry to film in a way to show that all of media is connected and that Digital Media is just a new of shoot of media as a general form. 

I will be using the things I learned in this class in the future when I work in creating/producing content for television and the Internet. I have learned about the remediation of text and how that remediating a text can generate an already established fan base. I learned a lot about how to build, cultivate, and create for a community of people who want specific types of things (there it be games, franchises, or otherwise). I will definitely take a lot from this course and I am happy that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and learn about things is a really unique and different way.


Experiencing Historical Narrative: Mission U.S.

I started with Mission 2, which is based on the life of a slave girl. Initially, going into the game I liked the music. The game is interesting and fun to me because I used to play games like the Oregon Trail when I was younger and the “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme fun for me. Once in the game I felt uncomfortable answering the questions and making decisions. I think that is really realistic with the decisions that you have to make. They allow for the slave girl to choose to dissent from her master’s orders and the consciences from those actions happen almost immediately. I almost felt conflicted when the game would ask me if I wanted to do the masters orders as they were given or if I wanted to dissent and half do the work or plant things that were harmful to the productivity of the plantation. It was shocking how real just making those small decisions felt even as an initial reaction to playing the game.

            It is fascinating to play this type of remediation of history lessons. When I was younger I was a fan of fictional diaries that represented the life of various young girls during historically significant moments in history. Those books gave you a more personal narrative story of history and helped me understand history deeper than I had prior. My initial experience with this game is similar the “Choose Your Own Adventure” aspect as well as the true to life situations don’t really teach you more about the Historical situation but rather gives me a deeper understanding and personal significance to the event.  Overall, my first reaction to game is that it is truly immersive game if you want to connect personally to the narrative of history as a whole. I am excited for new missions coming out in later months for sure!


Lord of the Rings a Community Experience

My experience watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring truly enhanced my experience with the novel overall. Throughout all of the remediations we have encountered throughout our lessons on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I enjoyed the movie version the most. I enjoyed it the most because of the community atmosphere that surrounded the experience of watching the Lord of the Rings movie. I watched the Lord of the Rings movie in a common space were there was a large TV and at first it was just me and my roommate watching it however; soon just by having the movie on there were at least 10 different people in the room that I didn’t know watching with us. And since most of the people already had watched the movie we discussed the extended portions, talked about the beautiful cinematography, and commented on the plot. 

This was the first experience at least for me that I felt that Lord of the Rings created a community and common experience for me. While I was playing LOTRO I felt very isolated from people and I never truly got into the virtual community experience that was the basic point of the game. I felt that I was always running around alone in the game. I had the same experience while reading the book it was a riveting read however; I read the book in my bed at nighttime and it was very isolating. 

The first time that I felt that I had to true community around Lord of the Rings was watching the movie in the common area with all of these people who have a common experience of watching Lord of the Rings because of the fact that it was a big blockbuster movie. That is what I like the most about movies as a remediation is that it brings in so many people into a culture like Lord of the Rings that normally wouldn’t participate and creates a wider community around the story. I really loved the experience of watching the movie after reading the book and playing the game because I had different perspectives about the movie that I normally wouldn’t and it added to the experience. 


A N00b Experience: From a LOTRO First Timer

My first experience with LOTRO kept me in a trance for about 3 hours. I signed on to the game after class thinking that getting pass the intro was going to be quick. Click -> to look left and click <- to look right, and use the up arrow to “Jump”. I was completely wrong. The Intro immerses you into the game right off the back allowing you to learn how to do all the movements while also teaching you how to accept quests, speak to people within the game, and fight off enemies.

I have a slight obsessive personality and can be quickly sucked into anything video games, television shows,movies therefore; I try to keep away from anything that will completely take me over because I am in school and homework has to be done. But now homework requires me to become “half-real” while playing LOTRO. I have played well into the night passed the intro, leveled up to 8, and dying continuously trying to fight off mobs. Even though, I think that I am a failure at this game because I can’t seem to beat any quests I find myself getting on randomly and even bringing the game up in conversation with my roommate.

I was not completely at ease in the virtual world even though it was kind of familiar because when I played when I was younger and my brother is very much involved in virtual gaming world. I was not versed in the virtual world protocol of the emotions that one could portray, how to speak to someone through chat, or how to join the correct Kinship :). Being in the middle of this world with so many people who are probably more skilled than me and them wanting to speak with me is overwhelming sometimes especially, when I am trying to solve quests and find my way around the on the maps. I am usually good at individual games where I have to count on myself in order to level up (i.e. Candy Crush). But this community game play is a whole new territory and kind of intimidating at times. However, it is very helpful to have the class be able to tutor each other on how to get around the world because it definitely helps and in turn makes it more enjoyable.

The quests are fun to do though they were kind of tedious and fighting off mobs can be completely draining and frustrating when you keep dying. The quests after the Intro are harder for me to follow because I feel like I am taking on a lot of random quests (i.e Find So-and-So’s chickens and return them) instead of a quest that seems to have a purpose. Also it seems like I am doing a lot of walking around and not a lot of defeating enemies and beating quests. It takes forever to get anywhere because I don’t have a horse. Everyone has a horse!! I want a horse! How do I get a horse?!?!?! Sorry the walking/slow running is making me hysterical!

Overall, the game is very immersive and fun to play. I definitely don’t think that I have everything down pack but I like that we all seem to be learning together!


The Minions of King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters

The characters overall struck me as pathetic and childish. Specifically, the most pathetic characters were the supporting characters to Billy Mitchell specfically, Brian Kuh. I felt so bad for him that he was being used by Billy Mitchell as a go between to tell him Steve Wiebe’s scores. He seemed like a little minion and all he wanted was to get to the end screen and even in the end he did not get to the end screen by himself and the great Billy Mitchell was supposed to be teaching him.

I didn’t like that Billy Mitchell could see the videos of Steve Wiebe playings and getting to 1 million and he probably used that in order to “beat” Steve’s score. The relationship that Billy Mitchell had with Walter Day made them quickly accept his score and that whole experience was problematic with me. Also, the childishness of the Billy Mitchell calling his friend and not going to eat at a certain restaurant because Steve Wiebe showed up.

Overall, the World of Arcade gaming to me seemed childish with a bunch of grown men and women fighting and partnering up like small children on a play game. I am not sure if this is a accurate portrayal of the gaming arcade world or if it is just how the documentarians chose to show it. However, that is what I felt about the world of gaming after experiencing King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters.



Progressive Gaming in Braid

To start I am a very elementary gamer. I love the world of gaming I watch game play videos online and I enjoy watching my brother play occasionally. Though, I am not much of gamer my experience with Braid was a very positive! The games that I usually gravitate toward are racing games because of the lower learning curve for them. Braid, on the other hand, is a platform game, and they have a larger learning curve. What I enjoyed about this experience playing Braid with a partner is that my partner was VERY experienced. I got really lucky with my partner. I was partnered with Nathanial who had prior experience with Braid and he guided me through the levels that we played. The guidance was very helpful because I was able to learn the reverse feature and the meta-puzzle feature quicker than if I was playing alone. Even though I had expert guidance the game was still extremely frustrating at times but ultimately rewarding once I figured out how to pass the levels.

The features of the game were interesting and made for great game play. However, even better than that was the aesthetics of the game! I commented to Nathanial right when I began playing Braid that the artwork and the music was beautiful! Each of the levels the background scene was very well done. The music also enhanced the game play and allowed me to be more immersed in gameplay. 

Overall, my first experience with Braid was a good one! The differences in this game from typical platformers definitely made this game interesting and rewarding to play! After playing with Nathanial I watched gameplay of Braid and I truly loved that the levels become increasingly difficult in unconventional ways that adds to the storyline as a whole.