Venus & Adonis Tapestry

Background: Venus and Adonis Tapestry

Canto III, Stanza 34-38

The player is transported into a lush forest with a small clearing. Enclosed by the thick tree line, the clearing centers around a large stone fountain. You hear faint sounds of birds chirping, water splashing and leaves rustling.  The player can see two figures in the distance to the right of the fountain. Upon approaching, the figures become more distinct.  The player makes out a fair skinned, god-like woman, dressed in black, kneeling over a wounded, blonde haired man dressed in armour. He seems wounded and she weeps over his body. This is quite the peculiar sight since there is no one else around, so the player approaches them.

When the player inquires what has happened, the woman, Venus, tells the player that a boar attacked Adonis and he is quickly dying. He had a habit for chasing animals that were too big to fight. The player is faced with the choice to help the wounded Adonis or to be on his way. If the player chooses to help, he or she is instructed to fetch water from the fountain in the center of the clearing. The player must collect water from the fountain and bring it back to Venus.

However, the water was not enough and Adonis dies. Venus kneels down over the body and begins to sob.  Her mourning is disturbed by rustling in the bushes. Startled, she looks to the left and yells “Oh no! The boar is back! Kill it and avenge Adonis’ death!!” The screen then shifts to the tree line to reveal an angry boar.  The boar then charges towards them and the player must kill him in order to protect Venus and himself. After a gory battle, the player is victorious. Venus rewards the player with armour as a symbol of her gratitude, and continues to mourn Adonis in peace.

NPCs involved


Godly figure with beautiful fair skin and long blonde hair.  Dressed in black she is kneeling over her gravely wounded lover, Adonis.


Venus’ lover who is fair skinned, dressed in Armor, with short blonde hair.  He is laying on the ground bleeding, near death. Venus is kneeling over him.


A large and strong Boar that charges the player from behind the tree line when Adonis dies. If killed, rewards the player with experience points.

Quests and Dialogue:

1) Revive Adonis:

  • Player clicks on Venus to discover that Adonis is wounded: “Help, Adonis is dying! The boar attacked him!! I told him it was dangerous, but he didn’t listen”

    • If player chooses to help (“Oh no! How can I help!?”), they are instructed to fetch water

      • “Fetch water from the fountain! Quick!” -Venus

        • Run to the fountain, locate and fill the pitcher

      • Bring the water to Venus

      • Continue on to quest 2

    • If player chooses not to help, they are transported back into Castle Joyous (“I’m sorry I cannot be of greater help, I must be on my way”)

2) Avenge Adonis:

  • As Adonis dies, the boar reappears

  • Venus instructs the player to kill the boar in order to save both of their lives

    • “Oh no! The boar is back! Kill it and avenge Adonis’ death!!” -Venus

    • “Don’t worry! I’ll save us!” Fight and kill the boar

      • “You did it! Thank you for saving my life, now I can mourn the death of Adonis in peace. Please take this armor to represent my gratitude.” -Venus

      • “Glad I could help, I must be on my way now”- Player

      • Reward: Venus presents player with armor

    • If the boar kills you, choose to respawn and continue fighting or respawn to designated zone

-Emily Blake, Shao-Yu Chen, and Molly Steckler

Digital Media and the Future: Event Marketing and Development

For this blog, I am going to attempt to put into words how I will spin this class on my future job employers.

It changes everyday but today, I believe I want to be an Event Marketing and Development Specialist with Creative Enterprises. So far, I think my HOD major, cognitive studies minor and corporate strategy minor are all really helping to prepare me for this path way.  However, on a resume, all of this sounds very similar to each other: simply “business.”

However, I love being able to write “English 259: Digital Media” under related course work because, for me, it is a unique class that I can use to my advantage.  I will be able to tell my future employers the truth, that we studied the strengths and weaknesses of different media.

The reason this is useful for me is because when I combine it with the skills from my cognitive studies minor, I am able to say that I can use my knowledge of how people think and perceive environmental signals while picking the best media to present my data and therefore be more successful in marketing to a target audience.

I have yet to try this in an interview, but I have one next Monday for this exact type of job. So I will keep you posted on if this works or not, fingers crossed!!

-Emily Blake

Sims 3: Vivian Stuart’s Profile

In class on Thursday, we were given the assignment to write a blog of our choice, so I am writing about my experience remediating the Sims 3.  A couple of days ago, my partner Molly and I finally decided on how we are going to present our game, Sims 3.  We figured that since Sims 3 is a family life simulation game, what better way to remediate it than to bring our simulated characters to the real world: Facebook! So far the project has been really fun to build, I mean who doesn’t want to play Sims 3 all day taking screen shots and making Facebook profiles for your characters? I can’t imagine anyone would turn down that life style. So far we have profiles for Vivian and her husband Colin (they just made their marriage Facebook official yesterday.. so cute) and we are working on a “Sims 3: Sunset Valley Neighborhood” page for them to like.  We plan on creating albums for major events in their life and creating statuses periodically to truly bring these characters to life.  It has been challenging at times with getting the right screen shot and such but it is a very convenient way to do a group project.  Molly and I are both very busy and can rarely find time to meet up, but with Facebook, we just need the username and the password and we can edit the project from wherever we are. It has been great! The only potential issue is that I am the only one with the game on their laptop, but we just divided the work so that it evens out. Overall it has been a good time and we am looking forward to sharing it with y’all!

-Emily Blake

Sims 3: Blast from the Past

Playing Sims 3 in class on Thursday immediately made me feel like I was 10yr old again, fighting with my sisters for a turn to play.  Although it was a different version of the game (we played Sims 2), most of the controls are the same, which made it easy to pick it right back up pretty easily.  Molly and I spent the whole class creating a family because of the extensive details that go into creating a sim.  We ended up only fully creating the mom from scratch and randomizing the dad.  From there we used the genetics button to create a child with characteristics from both. This is a new, super cool feature in the Sims 3 and it is awesome. So far I have loved playing the Sims game again.  I really think it is a good game choice for our presentation because of its highly mediated nature.  The screen is always full of control bars and buttons and when you click on anything in the game, multiple options appear for different actions.  You can also see a sequence of actions for each character on the top of the screen.  However, the nature and purpose of the game is to create a family life and invest in the characters’ lives, enriching them with relationships, careers, and housing.  In this way, it is ironic that the game is so mediated instead of attempting to be more transparent and realistic.  This game is very interesting because of this contrast.  I am very excited to explore the relationship between the game’s narrative qualities and its mediated qualities for the project!

-Emily Blake

The Hunger Games: The Arena’s Boundaries

I honestly don’t think I have ever hated a movie more than I hated the Hunger Games.  I had fallen in love with the novels and had built up so much hope for the movie and left heart broken (slightly exaggerated obviously, but still, it sucked).  However, this is not a blog post about why I liked the book better.  Shortly after watching the movie I began to rant to a friend about it.  But he disagreed with me, strongly.  He had never read the books and had loved the movie for what it offered.  His argument made me reevaluate my original opinion.  I had judged the movie based on the book instead of as a completely separate work.  Although I still liked the books better than the movie, the second time I watched it I evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the media in comparison to the strengths and weakness of the novel media.

The first thing I found deals with how each media expresses the thoughts and feelings of the characters.  In the books, my absolute favorite aspect had always been the psychological trauma that the characters had gone through and how their thought processes changes as the plot goes on (I even wrote a paper on this in cognitive studies last semester).  I loved the monologues of Katniss just thinking in her head and describing the world around her.  This is what I would say is a strength of the book media.  However, the movie media doesn’t allow for this.  They must portray the protagonists’ thoughts through dialogue or flashbacks or other strategies.  This is a weakness of the movie media.

The next thing I found deals with internal depictions while reading.  I personally have the tendency to ignore descriptions of characters and imagine them completely opposite than how the author tells me too.  I believe this is a weakness of the book media because it is completely up to the reader to interpret the author’s vision.  However, in the movie you are told what you see, literally.  There is no room for interpretation.  Everything is planned out.  I believe this is a strength of the media because it has the power to truly capture the author’s vision.

After having this experience with the Hunger Games and realizing that each media has boundaries, I will never view a remediation in the same way.  From now on, I will evaluate each version as its own art work.

-Emily Blake

LOTRO: The Struggle is Real

Lord of the Rings Online has definitely been a new experience for me to say the least.  I have never played a game like it before.  The virtual world is so interesting and complex!  It has definitely taken me a while to feel at ease within it (though that may just be because I am directionally challenged in reality let alone navigating a completely foreign fictional world).  However, I think I am finally starting to get the hang of it.  I have been stuck on one quest for three days now (The Wrath of the Elves) and have therefore become very familiar with the Ered Luin area.  Its not that the quests are difficult to understand, its just hard when you aren’t familiar with the layout of the world yet.  Many times I have had to exit the game and google where something was in order to move forward in that quest.  Also, the controls are very confusing.  When in battle, I have no idea what I am doing.  Half the time I am literally just hitting random keys. However, most of the time the quests are really fun and straight forward.  I like having a narrative to follow in the game.  It gives me a sense of purpose.  My most frustrating times so far have been when I am simply roaming around aimlessly without a quest to follow.

Aside from my incompetence with slaying goblins, the game is surprisingly really fun!  I love reading the book and finding the places I read about in the game.  For instance, I loved the Prancing Pony assignment because I had just read that part in the book.  It was cool to explore the famous inn for all of its other qualities that aren’t expressed in the novel, in a way bringing the Prancing Pony to life.

Overall, the game has been a really cool and interesting experience yet very frustrating at times, the struggle is real.

-Emily Blake

King of Kong: The Game of Life

King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters took me by surprise in a lot of ways.  First off, I actually liked the film, which was something I never thought I would say.  Secondly, I was surprised by how invested I became in the characters’ lives and personalities.  I don’t think I have EVER hated a character like I hated Billy Mitchell.  He was rude, conceited, and a liar.  He was just the worst.  However, I came to love Steve Wiebe (probably as a result of my hatred of Billy because he hated Wiebe).  I was literally cheering for him out loud, which woke up my roommate… oops.  Anyways, I am pretty sure most everyone felt this way therefore I have said my peace and now I will move on to the true topic of this blog post: Steve’s family.

As much as I loved and rooted for Steve, I couldn’t help but sympathize with his wife and children.  He almost seemed to neglect them at times and laugh about it.  This can be noted in the video he sent Fun Spot where his son comes up screaming and crying “Stop playing Donkey Kong daddy!”  Now, I understand Steve’s frustration in that particular moment since he was actually about to break a world record and all. That is not exactly what bothers me.  What bothers me about this situation is that the way the little boy is crying makes me think this is more of a family issue than portrayed.  It makes me think that older family members (specially the mother) have asked Steve to stop playing or complained to other people about how upset it makes them (her) and the little boy has overheard it, repeating it now. Another example for why I feel this way comes when Steve is in the backseat with his daughter and she says something along the lines of “I hear people that play video games are ruining their lives..” This kind of comment seems like something an adult would say therefore reinforcing my theory that the kids are overhearing their mother complain  (that also may just be me reading into things too much… I tend to do that).

However, even if this is all true, that Steve is neglecting his family, I honestly don’t think he is meaning to.  His parents mention they have theories that Steve is autistic.  This may explain the lack of social skills and cues to be with his family more, playing the actual game of life instead of donkey kong.

Overall, the film was very entertaining! Thanks professor!

-Emily Blake

Braid: Let the Games Begin

So as many of you will soon find, I am not much of a true gamer at all… I am absolutely horrible with video games.  That being said though, I really liked playing Braid (once I figured out how to use it thanks to the lovely Shao-Yu Chen for helping me out today).  I said I wasn’t a true gamer because I never played any of the cool multiplayer online games growing up.  However, I loved any Mario game that ever hit the shelves.  I lived on my nintendo DS and game cube, playing my sisters in a round of Mario Party 5.  It was awesome.  I think (as many have said before me on this blog already) that I liked Braid because of the similar qualities it has to the Mario games, specifically Super Mario Bros.  Jumping on the little guys, avoiding the fire balls (although more like fire beams in Super Mario Bros), completing worlds, and chasing a princess are all commonalities between these two games.  However, Braid has a huge twist to it by being able to rewind time.  Not only does rewinding time keep you alive in the game, it actually is necessary for some of the levels to be completed accurately.  For instance, in the scene (I think it was in World 3) where he is trying to kill the monster (Bowser look alike) by dropping the chandeliers, you had to use the rewind to put the chandelier back together for the next try.  However, I think the coolest aspect of this manipulation of time was that some of the game mechanics were immune to time rewinding.  The Bowser-esc guy (I don’t know what else to call him) keeps on moving even if I was holding down shift to rewind.  This makes the player have to think about time in yet another way, taking into consideration what has already happened and what will happen as the two time-lines, so to speak, collide.  It is very interesting.

Over all I really enjoyed this game and I am looking forward to more exposure to the gaming world out there! Let the Games Begin.

Emily Blake