Team 3- Castle Busirane Forest

By: Sam Fisher and Max Mam


Our section of the Faerie Queene was the forest near Castle Busirane. The starting point is in the southeast corner of a large area section. Trees are scattered throughout the forest of various types. The outer area of the map is densely covered in trees and is difficult to traverse. To enhance the borders, there are difficult enemies on the outer parts of the map that are off the path to be traveled.


A river runs through the center of the forest and provides the path for the character to travel towards Sir Scudamore. The main goal is to find Scudamore, and early on there is a woodsman. When the player talks to him, there is a conversation where he instructs the player to follow the river to the fountain. There are various bushes, reeds, and rocks along the river’s path for realism and the ground is scattered with trees. This makes the forest more realistic.


As the player walks through the forest, one may encounter various forest creatures such as boars, wolves, and bears.  After journeying upstream one will have been in 6 or more interactions with these enemies. At the end of the river, there is a fountain, which was made by lowering the terrain and filling with water. There are reeds and rocks surrounding the fountain and an armor-less next to the fountain. The character can then click on Scudamore for a conversation to occur. Sir Scudamore describes his heartbreak and that Amoret is being held captive in Castle Busirane. There is a bag containing Scudamore’s Arms sitting next to him, which can be picked up but not used and can be examined.  As far as Scudamore’s image, he has very little clothing on and not metal armor. He has a beard and brown hair and is not very menacing in appearance. 

Britomart owned me

By: Sam Fisher


Britomart is not the most gorgeous woman. She is of course fairly attractive, but is no Florimell by any means. She stands at about 5’6’’ and has very blue eyes. Her skin is tougher than a woman’s skin normally might be although it is never fully exposed under her deeply slate grey armor. Her helmet is intricately crafted with a grate on the front for her to speak through, which distorts her voice and provides masculinity to her character. She stands very valiantly and straight suggesting a higher level of masculinity than even some men. She holds a spear embellished with jewels with magical properties. The spear seems to possess some sort of aura that covers Britomart at all times. This enchanted nature could perhaps explain her seeming invulnerability. She also possesses two scars that seem improperly healed and have tainted her flesh from her two encounters with the opposition of her form of chastity.

If Britomart were to vote, she would have chosen Obama of course. Britomart is never on the losing side of any test and voting would be no different. Britomart sees the world form a superior perspective and therefore has a higher status than the average individual. If she were to be compared to anyone, it would be a female Achilles. She possesses qualities of both a valiant warrior, and of a superhuman individual despite her wounds (They seemed to be more symbolic than anything).


Britomart: Didst thou spot a young dame captur’d by the ogress Gorasa?


Sam: I dost not think us to entre such a castle.  I spyed a dragyn entyr yonder only a fortnight ago.


Britomart: Cow’rd! Thou fear removeth all forms of chivalrae. Remain here in my stead, squire.


Sam: Aie.

I play LOTRO for homework…

By: Sam Fisher


Playing LOTRO has not affected my life to a great extent. The game merely fills a slot in my routine homework schedule. It is hard to play a game for fun when playing it for work already. Maybe if I had less to do it would be a more ideal game. It is fun, but one becomes much more aware of time when playing a game for homework.

            LOTRO does serve as a bragging point for the seminar. I get to tell my friends that I am leveling up my elf champion and leveling out of apprentice crafting. It is a situation to be envied, as I can feel no guilt playing a game. It is a nice way to fill a slot of my homework time.  The game is one reason why people are jealous of my membership in the Worlds of Wordcraft writing seminar.  This is the only time game play would come up in conversation with friends. Other than that, the game has not really been mentioned or prominent in have adverse effects on my life.

Stop Rippin’ On Corporations

By: Sam Fisher

Corporate ownership’s effect on a game’s quality varies depending on the game and owner. For example, I would argue that the corporate ownership in Diablo II provides a player with an enjoyable experience, because I have enjoyed the game myself. It varies from player to player as well then. The only problem with corporate ownership may be the indirect means of communication with the players, as most interaction within the gamespace occurs amongst gamers.
There is a responsibility by the corporate owner to “please everyone.” The ultimate goal of the corporations is to make the most money by pleasing the most possible subscribers and make the most people buy the game. This has a good effect on the quality of the game if one is a member of this majority. Otherwise, the game might be less than desirable and there is nothing that the corporate ownership can do to help. This draws on the indirectness of the corporate owners and the players as there is no ideal way to directly communicate one’s isolated status from the group who enjoys the game. Owners attempt to patch games to help appeal to players, but we have seen in games like Star Wars: Galaxies that this can have an opposite effect in which veteran players who have become adjusted to old standards. Corporate owners have a tough time making these decisions but in this case a decision to try and help draw profit from a larger majority made the loyal gamers quit. Being a corporate owner proves to be the more difficult job than the whiney gamer who wants a game to suit him or her perfectly. Therefore, of course it limits experience, the game is through the eyes of the owner and not of the subjective desires of oneself.

True Life: I Am an Elven Champion

By: Sam Fisher


This is my extended character bio for my character, themostknownunknown, on Lord of the Rings Online


TheMostKnownUnknown hails from Rivendell, and bears his flag with great pride. Raised in the elven city since his youth, this elven champion has dedicated a substantial amount of his life to discovering the crafts of swordsmanship and agility. Precise striking and quick successive blows have become some of his fortés.

Since birth, TheMostKnownUnknown has trained mercilessly. He reached the level of Apprentice of the Sword, after defeating a ring of opponents in a traditional elven rite of passage for fighters. Despite his success in this Gauntlet of Eromen, the elven champion still yearned to reach grandmaster status at blade wielding.

His journey began and spanned over a hundred years. TheMostKnownUnknown traveled deep into Lotholorien. He was given instructions to align himself with nature and fine tune his senses. After gaining superhuman reflexes, TheMostKnownUnknown passed through the Golden Wood traveling to the realm of men. At Rohan, he learned to participate human sword fighting technique developing many defensive maneuvers for combat. From there, Théoden, King of Rohan, gave him quests in order to test his metal. Collecting loot and enchanted weapons on his journeys into orc infested lands TheMostKnownUnknown began to gain prestige and good relations with the humans.

He also found a small stone that he calls Ferrado. This stone possessed magic power improving his vitality and never leaves his right pocket. He asked an elven mystic upon returning to Rivendell to find that the magic in the stone surpassed anything he had ever encountered.

Following in his father’s footsteps, TheMostKnownUnknown mines and crafts fine weapons. He remains a Journeyman crafter, but aspires to smelt fine swords with which he may cut through countless Orcs. Dual wielded swords will remain his mastery until the end of time.

TheMostKnownUnknown now maintains a foul view of the minions of Sauron. Sweeping the world of Middle Earth, he hopes to cleanse the lands of darkness. In his journeys he may restore the light that once shined centuries ago…


Hobbits are Moochers and Dwarves are Worse

By: Sam


Themostknownunknown was a lowly elf champion born into Rivendell. Eventually my character was allowed to expand his horizons, moving on into human realms in Duillond and Falathorn and beyond, however, many of the characters along the epic quest prologue were of elven descent. It was not until a quest sent the avatar into the Shire that he began integrating into the cultures of Middle Earth as a whole.

The fact that the hobbits around Hobbiton and the entire Shire were willing to offer an elf quests suggests racial acceptance in the community. One must wonder, however, if the quests were just given to the character so that the pests around the NPCs home would go away or so that the NPCs remedial tasks could be accomplished, because the same quests were offered to all races. With this in mind, there is still no guarantee of racial equality between elf and hobbit, although they do seem thankful after the quests completed for them. Dwarves on the other hand are very brusque and harsh towards my elven avatar. The brutes are constantly asking, “What I’m doing there?” or “What do I want?” when entering the dwarfish encampments. There is even a rogue group of Dourhand dwarves who my elven character had to fight at Haudh Lin.

Despite the fact that some of these races seem to not be on the best terms necessarily, there is still a theme of good versus evil. This ultimate quest to destroy evil allows for a sense of immediacy in the game as the player is focused on questing against the bad guys. It is interruptive, however, when certain races offer different treatment than others, as one does not know what to expect verbally from the looks of an NPC. Maybe immediacy is affected. It all depends on the gamers’ level of focus at the time…

Hustle n’ Bustle

By: Sam Fisher


            The level of bustle in the bar varies from the movie and book to the game. In the game, the level of activity is extremely minimal (excluding our class meeting in front of the barkeep). On the other hand, the book and movie depict a packed bar that creates a different mood for the viewer and reader. The bar becomes a culture in itself evoking a particular mood. The Green Dragon serves more as a place to be rowdy and converse while inebriated. In game, it appears more as a ghost bar, with the sole purpose of offering the gamer quests. It is strange as well that there are a few NPC’s in the bar, which shows that there was an option to add these characters and the game designer chose not to.

            Perhaps there was a reason for keeping NPC’s out of the Green Dragon. Did the designer expect the bar to get to its normal level of bustle from characters “filling the seats” by loitering there. Clearly after game sales peaked, the designers could determine that there would be no further increases in activity in the bar. It makes one wonder what the purpose of keeping the Green Dragon so empty in game really is…