Review of E-Athletes

I was sent a copy of E-Athletes, a movie about Counter Strike players that play for a living…

E-Athletes is a fantastic gaming movie that explains the life of a gamer in a way that even non gamers can understand and relate. The teams are shown as individuals who share a common desire to be the best Counter-Strike players in the world. The film tracks Team 3D from U.S. to a promotional tour in China, where they have numerous dedicated fans. Witty excerpts from their trip reveal nerdy, brilliant men just doing what they love. Team 3D is at first shown to have relatively no competition in the United States, until Complexity arises. Complexity, comprised of champion CS gamers with no team, is seen as 3D’s underdog nemesis. The film tracks numerous competitions, displaying many videos of gameplay but in such a way that it never got boring watching the same crosshair target and kill a tiny man on the screen. The final scenes are of the largest competition yet, the epic battle between Team 3D and Complexity. I will admit that I was disappointed when Complexity beat Team 3D in the end, but I will keep rooting for 3D to come back to the top. Overall, E-Athletes is a great gaming film that tracks two teams on their journey to become the best Counter-Strike team while showing their individual personalities and struggles.


Team 2: Garden of Adonis

By: Lynne M. and Justin C.

Our assignment is the Garden of Adonis and its many inhabitants, including Venus and assorted other creatures. The garden is circular (thankfully, due to Justin’s hard work) and surrounded by a stone wall.  The Garden of Adonis is the most beautiful place in the world. In saying this, we meticulously made sure that every pixel within the garden contains a colorful flower or plant. The Garden of Adonis is also a place of peaceful serenity. Ensuring this are two gates, one of iron and one of gold. Every living thing, upon creation, is in the Garden. Because of this, there are many creatures, like birds and stags that roam around the garden. The garden is overflowing with large trees and countless flowers. Under the shade upon the hill in the garden, Venus wanders while waiting for her lover to return. There are also elements of water within the garden, including a waterfall.

Also, adding to the peacefulness are the beautiful ambient forest noises and serene soundtrack. We have ensured that when the player dies they are in for a treat! I mean hey, when you are getting pwned by a better player, at least when you die you will be inundated immediately with lag of beauty!

The garden is not in any distinct location within the world of Faerie Queene. It is the place where all life begins and ends.  Therefore, during gameplay if a player character dies, they respawn in the garden and must make their way out of it back into the world.

The Venus NPC took a lot of decision making to create. There are many, many depictions of Venus in various mediums that have been created over the centuries. The model we made her most closely resemble is that of Botticelli. Our Venus has (semi) long blonde hair and is wearing a white robe similar to that which goddesses are typically seen wearing.


By: Lynne M.

Britomart is 5’8″ with long, straight dark brown hair. She isn’t extraordinarily skinny, but she is thin and healthy-looking. She wears a dull silver suit of armor with her hair put up in her helmet when it’s on, but when she’s just walking around, she has her helmet off and under her arm. She would vote for McCain, because she’s a traditional country girl who likes her weapons.

B: Good’ay, kind ma’am. Dost thou have any issues with loue that I may help thou with?

L: Well, yeah. My love is in the far off land of Murfreesboro, in the kingdom of Sir Phillip Bredesen. He is locked up in the art building on the campus of MTSU, held captive by an art professor who is attempting to steal his artistic abilities and use them for evil purposes.

B: Then off we must go so that your loue canst keep his precious skills of art that he obtains by collecting powers from the God aboue and harnessing them for worldly good. We must defend him from the evil professor!

L: Onward!

LOTRO, WoW, or RL?

By: Lynne M.

Online gaming has only minutely affected other aspects of my life.  I try to play LOTRO at least once every day or two for an hour or so each time. It’s been really difficult, though, lately, because I am at a point where I need a fellowship of 3-4 and I can’t ever find people willing to quest with me. This makes me log in less often because there is almost never anyone who can help me, so I can’t progress. It’s really frustrating playing a low population game and being expected to have a group of 3-4 players get together in order to complete a quest.

Within the last 2 weeks or so, I have picked up playing WoW again. Sometimes I choose to quest on WoW instead of doing homework when I should, and then I have to stay up a little bit later than I planned to finish my homework. I never spend hours upon hours playing, though, as the stereotype does. I just play when I have a little extra time and usually choose to game instead of watch tv or Facebook stalk.


By: Lynne M.

As stated by an experienced, anonymous gamer, “I think it [corporate ownership] makes the experience more rewarding. I played on a fake server for a while – not fun.”

Corporate ownership affects the quality of one’s experience, because the name itself implies that a large sum of money [mainly supplied by the subscribers] is being used to support the MMO. This greatly increases the appeal of the game, because a corporation is able to use faster and more numerous servers, to pay coders to maintain the software, and also to enhance the graphics and thereby increase the immediacy felt by players in the game.

Corporate ownership awareness may slide by in day to day activities if there is no direct interaction between the player and the corporation itself. However, when a legal dispute arises, the player in the corporation’s line of fire is extremely aware of and affected by the corporation that owns the game.

The ownership also becomes apparent in game play when one can no longer sign on to his or her character, because the monthly payment is due. Again from the ueber gamer, “Although the monthly payment isn’t something I like, I don’t mind paying so long as I’m having fun and they are doing their job to entertain me.”

Cuteface’s Bio

By: Lynne M. aka Cuteface

Daughter of a non-wed, non-elvish, non-loving couple hailing from Ered Luin, Cuteface has always had to fend for herself, despite her innate helplessness and traditional gender role.  At first alone, she ventured through the woods and developed hunting skills by tracking and attacked animals.  In her twenties, she met a wise mentor named Helpface who helped her further develop her non-traditional skills.

Helpface trained her in how to better use weapons against enemies and how to create clothes from animal hides.  A very important part of Helpface’s training is that no part of any slain animal shall be left without use.  Therefore, Cuteface is clever in coming up with uses for every part of every slain beast. She has perfected the art of seasoning and roasting all animal organs to an edible state and using their hides to make beautiful clothing.

Cuteface has found it difficult to have her hunting talents taken seriously when identifying herself by her name, so she is sometimes simply called The Greatest Female Hunter Ever.

Currently, Cuteface is currently a nomad travelling through Middle-Earth, remarking at its wonders and making friends and foes within the cities she comes across. She often spends free time in taverns due to her social nature.  Sometimes she spends too much time in taverns, as she frequently finds herself raucously dancing upon the tables.

Cuteface’s life purpose is to have as many adventures as possible and to enjoy every minute of every single day.

I Heart Elves.

Super Late Post By: Lynne Moody

The classes in LOTRO are very important in supporting Tolkien’s narrative. One of the first things a new player does is select a character class to play as. Though, if a newbie isn’t familiar with different classes, they might choose a class that doesn’t fit their personality and want to switch later. I think that the classes/races of characters in the novel are important signals of the characters’ personalities. We all know that elves are mystical and mysterious, and dwarves are feisty fighters.

Tolkien highlights the differences among the different races, and many of these highlights are shown in LOTRO as well, such as appearances, hobbies, and dwellings.  These crossover characteristics help the reader/player relate the novel to the game and vice versa.  Therefore, the different classes definitely enrich the storylines of LOTRO and The Fellowship of the Ring.  Every class has different adventures depending upon where their race lives in Middle-earth; however, everyone eventually ends up doing the same tasks. Every race interacts with each other, be it friendly or on battle terms.

I, personally, love being an elf. They seem magical, sleek, lovely, and intelligent all at the same time. However, one aspect I don’t like is that they seem very sneaky and elitist. The Human class looks too boring and life-like to me, while the dwarves, gnomes, and hobbits are too tiny for my tastes. Plus, the elves are my favorite class in the novel, mainly because they provide so much assistance to the fellowship so many times.

Go elves!