Blog Grading Criteria

Grading Criteria: Total of 70 points possible

1) Tags: (10 points)

Use embedded HTML or technorati tags:

 <a href=”” rel=”tag” class=”techtag”>CS292</a> 

I suggest that you get a free blog tool such as BlogDesk on Windows or on the Macintosh utilize the Flock which facilitates tagging.

2) By-line / name in the top text of the blog entry (10 points)

3) Grammar / Spelling (10 Points)

4) Subjective Assessment (30 points)

5) On Topic Assigned (10 points)

What Might Lower a Blog Grade

Make basic spelling or grammar errors:  The blog is actually less forgiving on errors of omission – as more people read and form opinions more quickly based upon minor errors, it was worth a few extra minutes to step back and then re-read  – I speak from vast experience of moving too quickly on my posts.

  • “Once Britomart enters through the moat of lames …”
  • “suspician” instead of suspicion 
  • “the task to create our own gamspace” [game space]
  • “the Recrosse knight and Britomart tear up the six nights” [Redcrosse and knights…] — these sort of errors show hurried writing
  • “The duel controls will always a player …” [dual]

Write awkward sentences: Easy to do, so be careful with this.

  • “Britomart only has to look a direction, and someone runs by who falls morally beneath her.”  [awkward sentence rendering it difficult to understand]
  • “flow through their blades and into their opponents the HP bars.”

Not checking Facts:  example: Citing Ronald Dahl instead of Roald Dahl 

Not signing your pseudonym or name within the blog entry.

Not spacing between paragraphs or making the entry less than visually appealing to a potential reader.

Not making a point or rambling in apparent aimlessness.


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