Team 1 – The Garden of Adonis

Background: The Garden of Adonis

Group 1- Tyler Gilcrest, Adriana Salinas

Canto 6: stanza 29-36

 Beautiful and Eden-esque, the Garden of Adonis exemplifies natural perfection.  Rivaling the aesthetics of Elysium and Arcadia, the Garden of Adonis is filled with stately elms, tall maples and strong oaks.  Willows seem to whisper the garden’s praises on the gentle breezes.  Marigolds, violets, roses, daffodils, and hyacinths consist of just part of the rainbow of flowers to be found in the garden.  All sorts of animals thrive together in harmony, each sustained by simply the fruits of the garden, which are excessive in their abundance.  Upon entering one can tell that the garden is not unlike any beautiful garden on earth, and there is an otherworldly and ethereal nature about this place.  

 The Garden is surrounded by 2 walls, one of iron and one of brass, each of which has a gate at either end of the garden.  Each gate serves a distinct purpose: one to let expired souls back in from heaven and the other to let out freshly clothed souls into the land of the living.  The gatekeeper of the earthbound gate is Old Genius.  The old gatekeeper may look slightly out of place in the Garden, clothed in an air of pure blackness so that it is almost impossible to discern his figure, but it is obvious he feels nothing but hope and delight for the souls heading to earth.  He does not speak, but he does not have to.  Those attempting to converse with him already know whatever he might have to say, as if he communicated directly with the soul.

 To come into the garden, one must leave the earthly plane by way of physical death.  Thereupon the soul of the character travels through the twisting nether to arrive at the gate of the Garden of Adonis.  The can move freely and swiftly through the garden, as the burden of physical life has been lifted.  The soul is no longer in human form, but exists instead in a small flame that floats wispily above the ground.  Other souls can be seen wandering throughout the Garden, floating gently on the breeze and apparently just enjoying their existences in such a beautiful realm.  Old Genius is the gatekeeper at the other end of the Garden.  To re-enter the mortal realm, Old Genius offers a couple trivial yet simple tasks for the soul to complete before regaining  the fleshly clothes required to exist in the physical world.

 At the center of the Garden is the Mount of Venus.  This stately mount rises high above the rest of the Garden.  There is a winding path around the Mount lined sparsely by trees that leads up to the top, populated by a thick grove of trees.  The trees are so thick that little light can come through and the light that does illuminates the only path to the center of the grove.  At the center is a horn tree, marking the ancient spot of Venus’ former escapades with Adonis.  At the base of this tree stands Venus.  Venus is in a state of woe for her fair Amoret, who has been stolen away to the Castle Busirane.  She offers a prize to any brave knight who successfully rescues her fair charge from the clutches of evil.  On occasion, her son Cupid may be found flitting among the trees and flowers, taking a break from his worldly mischief.   

 NPCs in the area:

  • Old Genius- A intensely black human figure. Benevolent weaver of human flesh.
  • Venus- A beautiful goddess at the center of the garden. Adonis’ lover and step-mother of Amoret
  • Cupid- Venus’ son. Small, winged cherub who makes mischief by making people fall in love with each other.
  • Animals
  • Souls- small flames that wander the garden

 Quests in the area:

From Old Genius-

  • Gather fruit for baby animals
    • Go around the garden and collect fruit for the baby animals

 From Venus-

  • Rescue Amoret
    • Defeat the Wicked Enchanter and free Amoret
      • Reward: Magic Spear
  •  Entrance to the Garden of Adonis comes from death of the character
  • The character enters as a “soul”, a small fire elemental.
  • Random animals, non-attackable, wander the garden.
  • Cupid occasionally appears and wanders the garden, non-attackable and will not initiate a conversation.


  • Mount of Venus- a tall, stand-alone mountain with a thick grove of trees at the top.  A path winds up the side of the mountain and into the grove.  At the center of the grove stands Venus and a horn tree.
  • Gate of Entrance- Where the souls enter the garden through walls of iron and brass.
  • Gate of Exit- Where the souls exit the garden.  Very similar to entrance.  At this gate stands Old Genius.