Entrance Hall

Background: Castle Joyeous Entrance Hall

Matt Reynolds and Jeremy Bolin

Book 3, Canto 1, Lines 31-34, 40, 52

Entering Castle Joyeous, the PC finds him/herself in the grand entrance hall. Long and vast, the hall leads the PC to the dining hall and library of Castle Joyeous, as well as to Britomart’s bedchamber.

As the PC works their way through the endless entrance hall, they are exposed to the ornate extravagance of Castle Joyeous’ interior design. Lined with pillars and posts embossed in gold, the hall is also filled with an abundance of royal riches. Handcrafted woodwork and furniture can be seen throughout the hall, filling the room with the scent of rich mahogany (trust me, it’s there). There is a particular seating area containing several luxurious chairs, and various artwork and decor can be found in the entrance hall along with beautiful chandeliers. Armor and weapon racks are also located in the hall, as well as a bar/liquor cabinet area for people to let loose and be merry. There is actually such wealth in Castle Joyeous that there are plies of gold just laying around on a fine rug in the entrance hall as well, though it is guarded my multiple knights.

Several NPC knights and faire ladies of various shapes and sizes can be found in the hall. They are seen marveling at the opulence of the great hall, and some of them express their astonishment via dialogue with the PC.

The entrance hall also houses many fine tapestries from medieval France, and a series of these tapestries embody the several stages of Venus’ story. A woman staring at these tapestries can be interacted with as she briefly explains what they are illustrating. The first tapestry displays Venus in her search for her lost son, Cupid, the god of love, as city by city she inquires about him only to find that she has just missed him. The second tapestry then illustrates Venus encountering Diana and Phoebe, as Phoebe angrily tells Venus that if she finds Cupid first, she will clip his wings. The next tapestry depicts Venus and Adonis enjoying each other’s company in the beautiful garden filled with flowers and extensive growth. The following tapestry depicts the scene in which Venus cares for Adonis who has been wounded by a wild boar. The PC may actually enter this scene through the tapestry as another zone in the game. The final tapestry portrays Venus as a grandmother, advising Psyche on how to properly care for and raise her daughter.


-Many different but rather insignificant knights

-Various faire ladies 


 (Lady staring at the first of the 5 Venus tapestries)

NPC Faire Lady: “These tapestries were made in Toure. Marvelous, no?”

PC: “Most certainly. What are they of?”

NPC Faire Lady: “Well, this first one depicts the goddess of beauty and love, Venus, as she searches for her missing son. The other four also show Venus in the events following this first one.”

(Knight at entrance door)

NPC Knight: “My, what riches fill these halls!”

PC: “Only the finest adornments and furnishings can be found in Castle Joyeous.”

NPC Knight: “Yes, what an extravagant place this is.”

Team 7: Castle Joyous Plains

by: Calvin Patimeteeporn, Breon Guarino, and Aneel Henry

Book 3, Canto 1 Stanzas 20 – 30

From the forest, the PC is thrown into the midst of a small village in the plains surrounding Castle Joyous. Though the path to Castle Joyous is, indeed present, the road is blocked with construction, leaving the player at the hands of the villagers, who are in desperate need of assistance. It would seem as if the Lady of Castle Joyous, has neglected the villagers’ cries for help and has left the town completely isolated. Those townspeople with weak minds and souls have already left the town for the hedonistic castle of Lady Malecasta, leaving a handful of loyal and chaste villagers to deal with the problems. With no one to rely on, the town has fallen to a destitute state, being attacked by both wolves and bandits alike that emerge from the forest at night.
As the player enters the town past a rundown barn and two already abandoned watchtowers, the player witnesses the ruins of a once busy town square. A worried innkeeper is fretting over his dwindling food supplies that are continuously being pilfered by a wolf pack that has taken residence in an area of the forest near the town. Meanwhile, a small group of villagers are holding a meeting at the town well, discussing the bandit situation. While these villagers face these pressing matters, the rest of the village also holds a fair share of menial tasks that the townspeople cannot do alone. A small girl has lost her chickens around the town square and a young boy wishes that he could retrieve his family heirloom from one of the bandits.
While the menial tasks are up to the player to decide, the wolf and bandit situation, however cannot be left alone. Something must be done. Will the player pilfer the innkeeper’s store and blame it on the “undefeatable” wolves or will the player banish the wolves once and for all? Will the player help the bandits destroy and loot the entire village or will the player remain good and repel their advances? Regardless of choice, it would appear that after these events the road opens to Castle Joyous, allowing the player to move forward of his or her journey.
However, the player encounters a struggle between the six knights of the castle and a sole, brave knight, Redcrosse. The player must now defeat four of the six knights in order to gain entry to the next part of the journey, and gain access to the hedonistic castle that is Castle Joyous.

Main Quests:
1. The Road is Blocked (part 1)
•The player encounters road construction that obstructs the player from reaching the castle.
•The player must complete Quest 2 to proceed

2. A. The Wolves that Bite and Bandits That Catch!
•The player must talk to both the Innkeeper and the villagers meeting by the well

B1. The Wolves of the Forest
•In the forthcoming night, the player must confront the wolves that plague the Innkeeper
-Option A: Defeat the wolf pack that comes to raid the Inn’s storage (Chaste).
-Option B: Pilfer all the Inn’s store and lie to the Innkeeper and blame it on the wolves (Unchaste).

B2. Traveling Bandits
•In the forthcoming night, the player must confront the bandits.
-Option A: Kill all bandits that dare set foot in the town, expelling them forever from the village (Chaste).
-Option B: Join the bandits and raid and loot the entire town. Nothing escapes your wrath (Unchaste).

3. The Road is Blocked (part 2)
•After the Quest 2, the road is cleared and the player can move on.

4. Redcrosse and the Knights
•The player encounters Redcrosse and must defeat 4 of the 6 knights that are attacking them.
•The player is allowed entry to Castle Joyous.

Side Quests:
1. The Chickens
•The player talks to a young girl who seems to have lost her chickens.
•The player must collect all three chickens that are running around the village.
-Option A: Give back the chickens to the small girl (Chaste)
-Option B: Demand payment who in the end gives up a rare gem that has been passed down her family for years (Unchaste).

2. Lost Heirloom
•The player talks to a young boy in the square.
•The player must find and locate the heirloom which happens to be in the hands of a lone bandit near the village.
•Player must defeat the bandit.
-Option A: Return the heirloom to the boy (Chaste).
-Option B: Pretend you did not find the heirloom and keep it for yourself (Unchaste).

The Innkeeper: A worried middle-aged man in commoner clothing. Owns and operates the Inn which is plagued by wolves nightly.
The Villagers: A group of emaciated townsfolk with tattered clothing who are concerned about the future of their village with the pressing matter of bandits.
The Small Girl: A young girl with dirty and torn clothing who has lost all of her chickens.
The Small Boy: A young boy with dirty and tattered clothing with no other desire than to reclaim his family’s honor by having their stolen heirloom back in his hands.
Lone Bandit: A lone bandit in bandit attire, furs and ragged clothing. Though weak, he still poses somewhat of a threat. He has stolen the boy’s family heirloom.
Bandits: Gang of bandits dressed in furs and very aggressive. They raid the towns every night or so.
Wolf Pack: A group of 6 or so wolves that raid the Inn’s store nightly.
Redcrosse: A brave knight who refuses to succumb to Lady Malecasta’s knights and needs the player’s help to defeat them.
The Six Knights: Black knights of the Lady of the castle. Aggressive and intent on serving her.

Team 4: Castle Joyeous

Anna Dickens & Zack Goldman

Book 3, Canto 1, Stanzas 32, 41, 63-66

Emerging from the depths of forest, the awe-struck PC suddenly beholds the breathtaking sight of Castle Joyeous, Malecasta’s opulent residence, rising formidably from a spacious green plain. After the battle on the plain, the six knights lead the PC inside of the castle. Upon entering the palace’s walls, the traveler finds himself in a great luxurious chamber, its walls and pillars crafted from pure gold and beset with sparkling jewels. Beautifully crafted tapestries adorn the chamber’s walls, depicting the myth of Adonis and Venus’s passionate romance.

The knights usher the enamored player down the length of hallway to a large door at the opposite end. Approaching the door, the PC can hear the faint notes of a distant song and the din of lively chatter, growing ever louder. In the next room, richly attired damsels and squires swirl across the marble dance floor to the soft, undulating beats of a sensual melody. Wine and spirits flow freely. Spanning the center of the feasting hall stands a long golden table, upon which an abundant banquet is spread—plates heaping with braised meats and exotic fruits and mouthwatering pastries.

Awestruck, the PC stands and quietly beholds the magnificent delights of opulent hall, but the knights break him from his state of wonderment and lead him over to the fireplace, where a dark, sinister beauty sits on a sumptuous high-backed chair, her blood-red lips tightly pursed into a sly grin. The PC is then introduced to this captivating enchantress, whose name is Malecasta. The lady of Castle Joyeous, Malecasta is lustful, wanton, and dangerously beautiful. As she regards the PC, her black eyes shine with an amused, almost lustful glint.

At last, night has befallen the castle, and all the guests retire to their bedchambers. Malecasta’s personal bodyguard courteously leads the PC into a comfortable-sized guest room with a large four-poster bed. The PC climbs under the covers and immediately lapses into a sound slumber. In the middle of the night, the door of the bedchamber creaks open, and Malecasta, clad in a white nightgown, slips quietly into the darkness of the room. Slowly and silently, a lustful gleam in her eye, she creeps toward the bed, where the NPC continues to doze in sweet oblivion. When she reaches the bed, she carefully lifts the bedcover, her fingers trembling with animal, greedy desire, and peers under the sheets.

The PC, sensing Malecasta’s presence, leaps up in a state of disheveled shock and instinctively grabs his sword, brandishing it aloft. Upon seeing the sharp weapon, glistening in the silken moonlight streaming in from the window, Malecasta omits a loud, ghastly scream that pierces the silence of the sleeping castle. Immediately, the six knights rush in, and a confrontation ensues in the darkness of the bedchamber. The PC must successfully defeat the six knights in order to leave Castle Joyeous.


The Lover’s Quarrel

Quest Items: The love note

Goal 1: Speak to the suspicious female reveler who will prompt the PC to spy on her allegedly unfaithful husband

Goal 2: Search the couple’s bedchamber, finding the love note addressed to the mistress of the castle

Goal 3: Speak to the suspicious female reveler’s husband

At this point the suspicious female reveler’s husband will offer the player monetary compensation in return for the love note.  The player can…

Goal 4 A: Give the note to the husband and receive a gold reward and negative chastity

Goal 4 B: Refuse the husband’s offer and give the note to the suspicious female reveler, gaining positive chastity

Mistress of the Castle

Quest Items: The Bedchamber Key (This key will allow the PC to access the guest bedchamber)

Goal 1:  Speak to Malecasta’s personal bodyguard to discuss the background of Castle Joyeous

Goal 2: Speak to Malecasta and receive the bedchamber key (Malecasta will attempt to seduce the player)

Goal 3: Follow Malecasta’s personal bodyguard to the guest bedchamber

Flight from Castle Joyeous

Goal 1: Go to sleep in the guest bedchamber, eventually awaking to the sound of a scream

Goal 2: Find Redcrosse (at this point Redcrosse will join the player’s party)

Goal 3: Return to the guest bedchamber and battle the six knights with the assistance of Redcrosse

Goal 4: Exit Castle Joyeous

In addition, we would like to implement a basic morality system.  Certain actions taken by the PC will result in a change of morality.  A player’s morality alignment will affect interactions with NPCs.  A given player’s moral alignment will determine conversational options.