I Heart Elves.

Super Late Post By: Lynne Moody

The classes in LOTRO are very important in supporting Tolkien’s narrative. One of the first things a new player does is select a character class to play as. Though, if a newbie isn’t familiar with different classes, they might choose a class that doesn’t fit their personality and want to switch later. I think that the classes/races of characters in the novel are important signals of the characters’ personalities. We all know that elves are mystical and mysterious, and dwarves are feisty fighters.

Tolkien highlights the differences among the different races, and many of these highlights are shown in LOTRO as well, such as appearances, hobbies, and dwellings.  These crossover characteristics help the reader/player relate the novel to the game and vice versa.  Therefore, the different classes definitely enrich the storylines of LOTRO and The Fellowship of the Ring.  Every class has different adventures depending upon where their race lives in Middle-earth; however, everyone eventually ends up doing the same tasks. Every race interacts with each other, be it friendly or on battle terms.

I, personally, love being an elf. They seem magical, sleek, lovely, and intelligent all at the same time. However, one aspect I don’t like is that they seem very sneaky and elitist. The Human class looks too boring and life-like to me, while the dwarves, gnomes, and hobbits are too tiny for my tastes. Plus, the elves are my favorite class in the novel, mainly because they provide so much assistance to the fellowship so many times.

Go elves!