Dirty Stinkin Cheaters

For generations gamers have struggled to answer an epic question, what’s the difference between a dirty cheater and a clever exploitive gamer?  To better understand the conundrum we must explore the dark and seedy realm of online gaming.

In the not so distant past Counter Strike, or CS, was the preferred format for competitive gaming.  People dedicated their lives to CS, logging countless hours of playtime.  As a veteran CS player, and CS forum troll, let me tell you that there were two types of people that were universally hated, AWPers and Cheaters.  AWPers were a subset of players who exclusively used the AWP sniper rifle.  The vast majority of AWPers would camp out, overlooking the battle, and take potshots at passersby.  AWPing was an easy way to rack up kills but it required a unique skill set.  On certain maps AWPers would have the opportunity to spawn kill, ending a round in seconds.  There was nothing more frustrating then falling victim to a spawn kill.  AWPers were never respected, but they were not banned for their actions.  AWPing was frowned upon, but the weapon was available to everyone.  AWPers were not cheaters; they cleverly used the in game mechanics to gain an advantage. People would constantly gripe, lashing out at these cheap players but no formal action was taken. Cheaters, on the other hand, were hunted down and exterminated

Certain players used external programs to alter the outcome of online multiplayer matches.  If someone was suspected of using an aimbot (a rudimentary auto-targeting tool) they were immediately booted from the game.  The names of suspected cheaters would be posted in various forums and dedicated moderators would always keep an eye out for the usual suspects.  Cheaters were the lowest of the low; AWPers bent the rules, cheaters broke them.

My experience tells me that in most games exploits are frowned upon but ultimately acceptable.  Glitching isn’t noble but it isn’t a ban-worthy offense.  I don’t respect those who use shady tactics but they are still playing the same game.  When a player changes the game using external exploits they have crossed the line.  Glitchers know the game, cheaters stack the deck.

Zack Goldman


Review of E-Athletes

I was sent a copy of E-Athletes, a movie about Counter Strike players that play for a living…

E-Athletes is a fantastic gaming movie that explains the life of a gamer in a way that even non gamers can understand and relate. The teams are shown as individuals who share a common desire to be the best Counter-Strike players in the world. The film tracks Team 3D from U.S. to a promotional tour in China, where they have numerous dedicated fans. Witty excerpts from their trip reveal nerdy, brilliant men just doing what they love. Team 3D is at first shown to have relatively no competition in the United States, until Complexity arises. Complexity, comprised of champion CS gamers with no team, is seen as 3D’s underdog nemesis. The film tracks numerous competitions, displaying many videos of gameplay but in such a way that it never got boring watching the same crosshair target and kill a tiny man on the screen. The final scenes are of the largest competition yet, the epic battle between Team 3D and Complexity. I will admit that I was disappointed when Complexity beat Team 3D in the end, but I will keep rooting for 3D to come back to the top. Overall, E-Athletes is a great gaming film that tracks two teams on their journey to become the best Counter-Strike team while showing their individual personalities and struggles.