True Life: I Am an Elven Champion

By: Sam Fisher


This is my extended character bio for my character, themostknownunknown, on Lord of the Rings Online


TheMostKnownUnknown hails from Rivendell, and bears his flag with great pride. Raised in the elven city since his youth, this elven champion has dedicated a substantial amount of his life to discovering the crafts of swordsmanship and agility. Precise striking and quick successive blows have become some of his fortés.

Since birth, TheMostKnownUnknown has trained mercilessly. He reached the level of Apprentice of the Sword, after defeating a ring of opponents in a traditional elven rite of passage for fighters. Despite his success in this Gauntlet of Eromen, the elven champion still yearned to reach grandmaster status at blade wielding.

His journey began and spanned over a hundred years. TheMostKnownUnknown traveled deep into Lotholorien. He was given instructions to align himself with nature and fine tune his senses. After gaining superhuman reflexes, TheMostKnownUnknown passed through the Golden Wood traveling to the realm of men. At Rohan, he learned to participate human sword fighting technique developing many defensive maneuvers for combat. From there, Théoden, King of Rohan, gave him quests in order to test his metal. Collecting loot and enchanted weapons on his journeys into orc infested lands TheMostKnownUnknown began to gain prestige and good relations with the humans.

He also found a small stone that he calls Ferrado. This stone possessed magic power improving his vitality and never leaves his right pocket. He asked an elven mystic upon returning to Rivendell to find that the magic in the stone surpassed anything he had ever encountered.

Following in his father’s footsteps, TheMostKnownUnknown mines and crafts fine weapons. He remains a Journeyman crafter, but aspires to smelt fine swords with which he may cut through countless Orcs. Dual wielded swords will remain his mastery until the end of time.

TheMostKnownUnknown now maintains a foul view of the minions of Sauron. Sweeping the world of Middle Earth, he hopes to cleanse the lands of darkness. In his journeys he may restore the light that once shined centuries ago…



Cuteface’s Bio

By: Lynne M. aka Cuteface

Daughter of a non-wed, non-elvish, non-loving couple hailing from Ered Luin, Cuteface has always had to fend for herself, despite her innate helplessness and traditional gender role.  At first alone, she ventured through the woods and developed hunting skills by tracking and attacked animals.  In her twenties, she met a wise mentor named Helpface who helped her further develop her non-traditional skills.

Helpface trained her in how to better use weapons against enemies and how to create clothes from animal hides.  A very important part of Helpface’s training is that no part of any slain animal shall be left without use.  Therefore, Cuteface is clever in coming up with uses for every part of every slain beast. She has perfected the art of seasoning and roasting all animal organs to an edible state and using their hides to make beautiful clothing.

Cuteface has found it difficult to have her hunting talents taken seriously when identifying herself by her name, so she is sometimes simply called The Greatest Female Hunter Ever.

Currently, Cuteface is currently a nomad travelling through Middle-Earth, remarking at its wonders and making friends and foes within the cities she comes across. She often spends free time in taverns due to her social nature.  Sometimes she spends too much time in taverns, as she frequently finds herself raucously dancing upon the tables.

Cuteface’s life purpose is to have as many adventures as possible and to enjoy every minute of every single day.