By Justin “JCov” Covington

This semester online gaming has adversely affected my schoolwork. Or I should say, my schoolwork has adversely affected my online gaming. You see, LOTRO has become my homework. Now you think, “that’s great Justin! You can just play a game and get credit for class participation!” Wrong. I have a psychological problem with enjoying LOTRO. I view it as an assignment instead of a game. I treat each task the game gives me with a begrudging resentment. “You want me to kill one of those shady characters? Ugh…ok I guess this will get me closer to finishing this homework so I can go play Fallout 3.” Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe I need to check in with the psychology department for a screening. Who knows? I just cannot come to terms with the fact that although this is an assignment, it should still be enjoyed as a game. It just nags at me. It isn’t something I feel like I can just sit down and become immersed in because the immersion has been shattered for me. I do not view Middle Earth as a world where my Lore Master can hone his skills. No, I see it as a study space where I can complete my assigned tasks so that I can get an A for a class. This game has become intertwined with the ream world. I just can’t view it as a separate game world. Epic fail on my part…epic fail.