Team 3 – Castle Busirane

Billy Bunce and Matt Almeida

Canto XI, Stanzas 28, 30; Canto XII, Stanza 33

Castle Busirane:


The player enters Castle Busirane after receiving a preliminary quest (Quest 1) from Scudamore (who is standing outside the castle) to defeat the giant in front of the castle and to pass the flames which guard it.

Immediately after entering the castle, the player views a glorious yet eerily empty entry hall. It is adorned with gigantic, beautiful paintings and tapestries, which are intended to attract the player’s attention. The entry hall is otherwise relatively dark and bare so as to emphasize the effect of the paintings and tapestries. These are actually illuminated, drawing yet more attention to their brilliance. Two enormous, spiral staircases are found relatively far away, on the side; these lead up to the area where the procession will eventually be witnessed. An echo effect is in place (no music is playing), and every single step makes the player feel more alone.

Upon stepping into the castle, the camera pans for a few seconds to a radiant piece of beautiful tapestry lying on the ground.  If the player examines the tapestry, a new quest begins (Quest 2) to find its origin. This is accomplished via more luminescent pieces which form a trail of sorts, leading the way to the original tapestry. This path gives the player an in-depth tour of the more aesthetically impressive and/or striking elements of the castle, while also advancing the storyline by bringing them to the tapestry. During this whole time, however, the player is free to explore the castle on their own if they so choose. When this tapestry is reached (random portions are torn off of it in a manner which would allow the tapestry to still be viewable in its near-entirety), the player is presented with the option to travel to Cupid’s Tapestry, and this is, in fact, the only way that Quest 2 can be finished.

After returning from Cupid’s Tapestry, the time of day is automatically set to night. Pained moaning is heard, and the camera quickly pans to the staircases to indicate where the sounds are heard from, but does not show any actual figures. As soon as the player ascends the stairs and turns slightly, they witness a procession of figures representing various corrupt values (Doubt, Suspicion, etc.). Cupid is also seen here, and a cutscene ensues in which the heart is torn out of a young maiden and placed into a silver basin.

At this point, Quest 3 begins and eerie, otherworldly music begins to quietly play. The camera reveals that the door from whence the figures (whose procession loops until the quest is either completed or failed) are walking is open. The player must stealthily walk through this doorway without being detected by any of the figures. If they are detected, the door closes and all the virtues attack the player, almost certainly leading to death. Amoret is found tied to a pillar; just as the player enters, Busirane slices Amoret’s chest and she loses a significant amount of health. A short monologue by Busirane ensues, after which he attacks the player. The music intensifies at this point, and has a significantly more epic feel to it than before.

Once Busirane is almost dead, Amoret screams from the pillar, begging the player not to kill Busirane. If the player adequately convinces Busirane to set Amoret free (by choosing the “chaste” or “pure” dialogue options, and their chaste faction is high enough), then Amoret is let go and the player can go outside (the fire and tapestries have vanished) to be thanked by Scudamore with plenty of rewards, while victorious, triumphant music plays in the background.

If the player does not convince Busirane to set Amoret free, then Busirane kills Amoret and flees the castle. The fire and tapestries are still present, and the player will burn in the fire upon attempting to leave the castle, effectively ending the story due to the player’s unchaste nature (tragic, somber music accompanies this scene). If the player chooses to finish off Busirane, then dialogue with Amoret ensues, as she chastises the player for not listening and laments about how she will be trapped on the pillar for the rest of her days. As the player goes outside, dialogue is initiated with Scudamore, who is grief-stricken that his love will now have to die in the castle. He attacks the player in a fit of rage, his innocence having disappeared from this incident, and if the player defeats him, the game ends with a dramatic scene of his death. In both of the “bad” endings, the screen fades to depressing music, embodying the tragedy of the unchaste ways.

As this game is an attempt to bring a non-reader into Spenser’s world, colloquial dialogue will be used; characters will not talk at all in the style of Spenser’s writing, since this merely creates an unnecessary barrier of entry.


  1. Enter Castle Busirane

Obtained from: Scudamore

Quest Text: “Scudamore: I appreciate your help thus far, but now you must rescue my love from this castle! Only those of pure soul are allowed entrance, and I am afraid that I do not possess enough righteousness to make it past the fiery gates. Please, enter the castle so you can rescue my beloved.”

Objective: Enter Busirane’s Castle


-Experience Points

-Unlock Quest 2

NOTE: If the player is below a certain level of chaste faction, then they are notified of this upon reaching the fire. The objective then changes to: “Find a way past the flames guarding the castle”. This is accomplished by activating a nearby region next to the castle which allows the player to pray, temporarily increasing their chastity faction.

2. Trail of Tapestries

    Obtained from: Tapestry Fragment

    Quest Text: “You find a small, stunningly beautiful piece of tapestry lying on the ground. Though once significantly more impressive, the tapestry is worn and faded, as if corrupted by some mysterious force. This piece clearly belongs to a larger, stunningly gorgeous picture. Your interest drives you to find this strangely alluring tapestry.”

    Objective: Find the large tapestry



    -Access to Cupid’s Tapestry

    3. Evading Corruption

      Obtained from: Exiting Cupid’s Tapestry and following the noises heard

      Quest Text: “You see a small door open among the eerie, frightening procession of figures, and the maiden could very well be inside. You need to make your way into that room without being noticed if you’ll have any chance of saving Amoret.”

      Objective: Enter the door to Busirane’s chamber without being spotted by the procession



      -Unlock Quest 4

      4. Defeat Desire

        Obtained from: Entering Busirane’s chamber

        Quest Text: “Busirane will clearly not unhand Amoret. You must defeat him in combat before he ends the maiden’s life!”

        Objective: Slay Busirane (Note: Though this is listed as the objective, the quest actually ends when Busirane is near death, at which point the possibilities branch as described in the background)



        -Busirane’s Armor

        NPCs involved:




        -All the figures in the procession


        Cupid’s Tapestry

        Team 6 (aka the best team ever): The Tapestry of Cupid

        Canto 6 Stanzas 29-46 describe Cupid’s Tapestry.

        While exploring the rooms and halls of Castle Busirane, the player finds on the ground a small piece of an old tapestry; and upon picking it up, the magic woven into the cloth pulls them in. They will appear within the tapestry itself, though at first they won’t realize where they are. Gods and goddesses from several of the old Greek myths appear, as do three of Jove’s lovers; but, very few of them realize where they are or that they are mere shells, one-layered avatars of the people and divinities they actually represent. Only Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, is wise enough to puzzle out the mysteries of tapestry; and she and Danae are the only ones who can point the way back to the Castle for the player.

        The land in the tapestry is that of a beautiful, flourishing forest; and yet, the ruins of one of Athena’s temples lies within it, and a calm ocean borders it. The strange mix of landscapes is Cupid’s doing; he has brought together people and places to give tribute to his many victories over the other gods. Europa, standing near the player when they first appear in the tapestry, will introduce them to the land they have entered; but her own ignorance as to the nature of the tapestry will limit her helpfulness. Semele likewise is more than willing to tell the player her own story, as commanded by Cupid, but will not tell the player how to leave. Jove and Apollo each grieve for their lost loves, while Neptune joys in the memories of Theophane; and these gods will instruct the player to seek out Athena in the ruins of her temple. Upon finding her, she will reveal all she knows of the mysteries of the tapestry and how to escape it, and the player’s journey through this twilight zone will end when they find Danae, who stands in quiet contemplation of her bittersweet story near the exit back to Castle Busirane.


        There are no quests in Cupid’s Tapestry, merely conversations; though the NPCs will attempt to do as Cupid instructed and tell their tales to the player, there is never a moment where the player’s hand is forced. Should they wander for long enough, the way back to Faerie will reveal itself eventually.

        NPC Name Description
        Jove Jove is ruler of the gods of the Greek pantheon, but still is subject quite often to the machinations of Cupid. He is a sad and grieving soul in the tapestry, which is how Cupid wishes to encounter him; outside the tapestry he would never be so depressed. He doesn’t know how to leave the tapestry, but will tell the player that Athena can help them. Jove can be found in the belt of verdant forest that runs through the tapestry.
        Neptune A jovial soul, especially when compared to his brother and nephew. Though still bound to tell of his love for Theophane, his is a happier glorification of Cupid’s victories. His avatar has never thought of escaping the tapestry, though he is smart enough to know that Athena probably knows how. Neptune stands on the shoreline, next to a small dock and boathouse.
        Apollo Apollo, like  his father Jove, is  a melancholy soul in the tapestry. He never leaves Daphne’s Grove, spending all his time in quiet solitude with the plant forms of three of his loves–Coronis, Hyacinth, and Daphne. He gives no thought to any plight of the player’s, instead preferring to share his misery by retelling the tales of those he lost.
        Athena Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, is the only one besides Danae who knows what’s really going on in the tapestry. If the player will listen to her, she’ll eventually tell them the way out and reveal what she knows to them. Athena resides in the ruins of her temple, a likeness of the one she destroyed after Neptune and Medusa violated it.
        Europa Europa will be the first NPC the player encounters; she stands right next to the spawn point. However, she is not very helpful as she has little idea of the true nature of the tapestry and how she came to be there. She can, however, introduce the player to the world they have stepped into.
        Semele Semele, like Europa, is not very helpful. She wanders the forest, and can point out that Athena may be able to help the player more than she can, but mostly she’ll simply tell the story of her death and of the birth of Dionysus.
        Danae Danae, having learned from Athena the secrets of the tapestry, stands very near the exit back to Castle Busirane. Besides telling her bittersweet life story, she marks with her very presence that the player is nearing the end of their journey in Cupid’s Tapestry.
        Location Description
        The Forest This belt of verdant trees and grass cuts across the area, and a few of the inhabitants of the tapestry wander it. The player will enter the tapestry at the far end of the wood, near Europa.
        Athena’s Temple This is a likeness of the temple where Neptune brought Medusa, or at least a likeness of its ruins. Within it can be found the goddess of wisdom herself, in a dark and quiet solitude.
        The Ocean At the southern edge of the tapestry is an ocean, and at its shore are a dock and boathouse–all to accommodate the lord of the seas, Neptune. However, Cupid does not wish for visitors to swim away, and the ocean is therefore kept off-limits.
        The Bloody River As described by Spenser, a “bloudy river” flowed around the tapestry’s edges, filled with the rich, the poor, the peasants, the kings, all defeated by the God of Love.
        Daphne’s Grove Near Athena’s temple is a small grove where a laurel tree sits. This tree is Daphne, who was turned to bark and leaves to escape the love of Apollo; and around her silent memorial grow pansies and sweetbriars, the flowery forms of two of Apollo’s other loves, Hyacinth and Coronis. Apollo himself never leaves the grove, but stands in contemplation of his grief for them all.

        Team 7: Castle Busirane (Exterior) and Ollyphant

        by Justin Goldsmith and Evan Schrager

        Although Scudamour is not one of the characters we have been assigned to create, Scudamour will be lying outside of the castle and the surrounding fire, crippled as he is in Canto XI. There will also be a “A flaming fire, ymixt with smouldry smoke” circling the castle entrance that cannot be bypassed without completing some element of the story/quest. If you try to enter the fire, not only will you be burned, but the Sulfuric emissions will cause the player to choke.

        The land around the castle aside from the fire is a barren grassland. There are few trees aside from a few small birch trees surrounding the castle. There is some shriveled foliage, but it as a mostly empty area.  There is a dirt path that leads up to the gate.  The castle is a dark, foreboding building in the northern end of the area.

        Before entering the fire, the character must protect the prone Scudamour from the slow but powerful giant Ollyphant.  Ollyphant will, of course, be very large.  He will have no weapons, but very large and powerful arms and legs that he will use to attack.  In keeping with his savage nature, he will have ripped scraps of clothing.  While he is imposing and very powerful, he is also cowardly and will run away after losing half his health.  When this happens, the character will talk to Scudamour, who will recount what he saw Britomart do as she crossed the flames and entered the castle.  The character will then know how to cross the flames and enter Busirane’s Castle (a new area).