Group 2 – Jousting Plain!

Alec Jordan and Kashyap Saxena

Jousting Plain Overview/Quests


To the north of the Classroom is the Jousting Plain. Upon entering the Jousting Plain, the player encounters a wide open space surrounded by forests in the distance. The player will enter the area with a full set of armor, including a shield with the depiction of a black, walking lion upon a golden background. In the player’s inventory will be a spear that glows upon equipping. The spear will have a tooltip saying, “Makes the wielder almost unbeatable in jousting events.” After walking through the natural path between some hills at the beginning of the area, the player will come to a stretch of land that is much flatter.

The grass is a vivid green and occupies the entire plain. Continuing on to the Northeast, when the player begins to near the end of the area, 3 NPCs appear and call out. The player will see two knights and a servant. The knights are Arthur and Guyon; the servant is Timias, all to the southwest. Guyon will call out that he sees another knight, which is the player.  The player will be prompted to equip the spear in his/her bag. Once equipped, the joust begins. To win the joust, the player must choose the command ‘thrust spear’ at the correct time. Too early and the player misses, too late and Guyon destroys you before you have a chance to hit him. There will be about a one second window as both run towards each other. If the player is successful in defeating Guyon, narrative dialogue will appear telling the player that he/she should continue northeast into the next area, the Joyeous Forest. The exit gate is now unlocked. (Book 3, Canto 1, Stanzas 1-11)


1)      Guyon: “Behold! I spy a knight with a lion on his shield. He must think himself brave; let him prove himself against the knight Guyon!”

2)      Narrative: “Equip lance (inventory) then joust against Guyon.”

3)      *Upon Victory* Narrative: Before too much conflict comes of this other knight’s shame, you should hurry and exit. The path to the northeast leads into the forest; it is your best choice. *Experience given*

4)      *Upon Defeat* Guyon: “Thou art unfit to call thyself a knight!” *Player dies, respawns in classroom*


*Arthur and Guyon will both be dressed similarly in traditional knight armor, and preferably be on horseback.

*Timias will have a more common garb.



  1. The player must first trigger the jousting match by getting close to the exit of the Jousting Planes.
  2. The player must then defeat Guyon, the knight, in a jousting match. Experience awarded from completion.
  3. Upon completing the joust, narration occurs that spurs the player to continue on to the northeast into the woods.
  4. Receive a small bit of XP for story completion upon successfully following the story line.

Player’s shield!

Player's Shield, modeled after Britomart's.