Game Design Britomart’s Bedroom: Faerie Queen, Book 3, Canto 1, Stanzas 60-66

Britomart’s Bedroom Scene Game Design Remediation:


Our character goes into the Castle Joyeous and then see’s the Redcrosse Knight and the 6 Malecasta Knights guarding Britomart’s bedroom. Our PC then hears a scream from inside of Britomart’s Bedroom. Our PC and the Knights run into Britomart’s Bedroom where they find Britomart welding sword with her smock on and Malecasta on the ground wounded. Our PC and the Redcross Knight run to Britomart and the Knights run to Malecasta.

After conversation with Britomart, the six Knights attack our PC, Britomart, and Redcrosse Knight. During the fight Malecasta is no where to be found. Our PC and Redcrosse Knight talk about where Malecasta went. PC asks Britomart and she tells the PC about her secret entrance to her room. Britomart, Malecasta, and PC go through the secret entrance and find Malecasta in Malecasta’s Bedroom where upon entrance she attacks the PC. The PC wins and completes the Mini Quest.


Britomart’s Bedroom Entrance:

PC: “What is this room that you are guarding?”

Redcrosse Knight: I am guarding Faire Britomart’s Bed Chamber making sure these “Knights” don’t try anything.

PC: Why would they?

Redcrosse Knight: They are Malecasta’s knights you can’t trust them.

Malecasta screams (Sound Effect)

PC: What was that?

Redcrosse Knight: I don’t know. Let’s go!


Inside Britomart’s Bedroom:

PC: What happened in here?

Britomart: I was sleeping soundly when I heard someone in my room! It was Malecasta and I quickly welded my sword and took care of her.

PC: Oh dear! Are you ok?

Britomart: Of course, I am! But it looks like you and Redcrosse might not be.


Fight with 6 Knights of Malecasta (Britomart and Redcrosse help)

*After success*

Redcrosse: Well we handled them but where did Malecasta go off to?

PC: I don’t know. Seems like she ran away but no one went through the door we came in.

Redcrosse: I don’t know ask Britomart

Britomart: She must have gained access to my secret passage door.

Go through Secret Door, Down the Hall to Malecasta’s Bed Chamber,

Malecasta Attacks, She is defeated. If not the player can respawn and try again.



Redcrosse Knight



Malecasta’s Six Knights


Main Quest- Enter Britomart’s Bedroom/Defeat Malecasta’s Knights:

  • Obtain access to Britomart’s Bedroom
  • Defeat Malecasta’s Knights inside of Britomart’s Bedroom

Objective- Defeat Malecasta’s Knights


  • Experience Points
  • Collect Loot
  • Access to Britomart’s Secret Passage

 Side Quest- Find Malecasta:

  • Obtain access to Secret Passage Door in Britomart’s Bedroom through conversation with Britomart
  • Go to Malecasta’s Bedroom

 Objective- Defeat Malecasta after finding her in her bedroom


  • Experience Points

Youtube Video of NWN2 Britomart Bedroom Game Module:


Amanda T., Nathanial E., and Emily G.


Let’s Make This Quick, I Need to Go Play LOTRO

By Colin Doberstein


            As the title suggests, today’s post topic is how LOTRO has given me an excuse to not do anything more productive than kill virtual boars. Normally the guilt factor of playing a computer game instead of doing my homework allows me to stop playing and do my Chinese homework. Now that I’m in a class that assigns LOTRO as homework, however, that excuse goes out the window. Now, instead of doing my reading for Western Military History, I can say to myself: “Well, I have to play LOTRO at some point too. So why don’t I get that done now and do the boring stuff later?” The obvious problem is that when a hobbit urgently asks you to kill twenty-four wolves in the Old Forest, it just wouldn’t be right to keep him waiting. Twenty-four dead wolves later, it’s bedtime, and all my homework not in MMO form (which unsurprisingly includes every other assignment I have) will have to wait until tomorrow.


            For someone who is already the paragon of inefficiency and poor time management (the virtues championed by me in the little-known seventh book of the Faerie Queene), giving them any excuse to play a video game instead of doing their other work is a recipe for many late nights. This is obviously entirely my fault, but playing LOTRO this semester has probably cost me at least ten hours of sleep, maybe more. Basically, playing a computer game for homework further exacerbates the time management issues that already plague people such as myself because we can justify spending all night playing instead of just reaching the weekly benchmarks (why would I study chemistry? I have to level up so I can go to Weathertop!). This is not so much a gaming issue as it is a laziness issue, but I had to mention it because now that we have to play Neverwinter Nights 2 in addition to LOTRO, the likelihood of me ever finding time to post here again is slim. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I only have to kill another 100 goblins before I finish my next deed. Time is wasting.