Cupid’s Tapestry

Team 6 (aka the best team ever): The Tapestry of Cupid

Canto 6 Stanzas 29-46 describe Cupid’s Tapestry.

While exploring the rooms and halls of Castle Busirane, the player finds on the ground a small piece of an old tapestry; and upon picking it up, the magic woven into the cloth pulls them in. They will appear within the tapestry itself, though at first they won’t realize where they are. Gods and goddesses from several of the old Greek myths appear, as do three of Jove’s lovers; but, very few of them realize where they are or that they are mere shells, one-layered avatars of the people and divinities they actually represent. Only Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, is wise enough to puzzle out the mysteries of tapestry; and she and Danae are the only ones who can point the way back to the Castle for the player.

The land in the tapestry is that of a beautiful, flourishing forest; and yet, the ruins of one of Athena’s temples lies within it, and a calm ocean borders it. The strange mix of landscapes is Cupid’s doing; he has brought together people and places to give tribute to his many victories over the other gods. Europa, standing near the player when they first appear in the tapestry, will introduce them to the land they have entered; but her own ignorance as to the nature of the tapestry will limit her helpfulness. Semele likewise is more than willing to tell the player her own story, as commanded by Cupid, but will not tell the player how to leave. Jove and Apollo each grieve for their lost loves, while Neptune joys in the memories of Theophane; and these gods will instruct the player to seek out Athena in the ruins of her temple. Upon finding her, she will reveal all she knows of the mysteries of the tapestry and how to escape it, and the player’s journey through this twilight zone will end when they find Danae, who stands in quiet contemplation of her bittersweet story near the exit back to Castle Busirane.


There are no quests in Cupid’s Tapestry, merely conversations; though the NPCs will attempt to do as Cupid instructed and tell their tales to the player, there is never a moment where the player’s hand is forced. Should they wander for long enough, the way back to Faerie will reveal itself eventually.

NPC Name Description
Jove Jove is ruler of the gods of the Greek pantheon, but still is subject quite often to the machinations of Cupid. He is a sad and grieving soul in the tapestry, which is how Cupid wishes to encounter him; outside the tapestry he would never be so depressed. He doesn’t know how to leave the tapestry, but will tell the player that Athena can help them. Jove can be found in the belt of verdant forest that runs through the tapestry.
Neptune A jovial soul, especially when compared to his brother and nephew. Though still bound to tell of his love for Theophane, his is a happier glorification of Cupid’s victories. His avatar has never thought of escaping the tapestry, though he is smart enough to know that Athena probably knows how. Neptune stands on the shoreline, next to a small dock and boathouse.
Apollo Apollo, like  his father Jove, is  a melancholy soul in the tapestry. He never leaves Daphne’s Grove, spending all his time in quiet solitude with the plant forms of three of his loves–Coronis, Hyacinth, and Daphne. He gives no thought to any plight of the player’s, instead preferring to share his misery by retelling the tales of those he lost.
Athena Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, is the only one besides Danae who knows what’s really going on in the tapestry. If the player will listen to her, she’ll eventually tell them the way out and reveal what she knows to them. Athena resides in the ruins of her temple, a likeness of the one she destroyed after Neptune and Medusa violated it.
Europa Europa will be the first NPC the player encounters; she stands right next to the spawn point. However, she is not very helpful as she has little idea of the true nature of the tapestry and how she came to be there. She can, however, introduce the player to the world they have stepped into.
Semele Semele, like Europa, is not very helpful. She wanders the forest, and can point out that Athena may be able to help the player more than she can, but mostly she’ll simply tell the story of her death and of the birth of Dionysus.
Danae Danae, having learned from Athena the secrets of the tapestry, stands very near the exit back to Castle Busirane. Besides telling her bittersweet life story, she marks with her very presence that the player is nearing the end of their journey in Cupid’s Tapestry.
Location Description
The Forest This belt of verdant trees and grass cuts across the area, and a few of the inhabitants of the tapestry wander it. The player will enter the tapestry at the far end of the wood, near Europa.
Athena’s Temple This is a likeness of the temple where Neptune brought Medusa, or at least a likeness of its ruins. Within it can be found the goddess of wisdom herself, in a dark and quiet solitude.
The Ocean At the southern edge of the tapestry is an ocean, and at its shore are a dock and boathouse–all to accommodate the lord of the seas, Neptune. However, Cupid does not wish for visitors to swim away, and the ocean is therefore kept off-limits.
The Bloody River As described by Spenser, a “bloudy river” flowed around the tapestry’s edges, filled with the rich, the poor, the peasants, the kings, all defeated by the God of Love.
Daphne’s Grove Near Athena’s temple is a small grove where a laurel tree sits. This tree is Daphne, who was turned to bark and leaves to escape the love of Apollo; and around her silent memorial grow pansies and sweetbriars, the flowery forms of two of Apollo’s other loves, Hyacinth and Coronis. Apollo himself never leaves the grove, but stands in contemplation of his grief for them all.

Team 3- Castle Busirane Forest

By: Sam Fisher and Max Mam


Our section of the Faerie Queene was the forest near Castle Busirane. The starting point is in the southeast corner of a large area section. Trees are scattered throughout the forest of various types. The outer area of the map is densely covered in trees and is difficult to traverse. To enhance the borders, there are difficult enemies on the outer parts of the map that are off the path to be traveled.


A river runs through the center of the forest and provides the path for the character to travel towards Sir Scudamore. The main goal is to find Scudamore, and early on there is a woodsman. When the player talks to him, there is a conversation where he instructs the player to follow the river to the fountain. There are various bushes, reeds, and rocks along the river’s path for realism and the ground is scattered with trees. This makes the forest more realistic.


As the player walks through the forest, one may encounter various forest creatures such as boars, wolves, and bears.  After journeying upstream one will have been in 6 or more interactions with these enemies. At the end of the river, there is a fountain, which was made by lowering the terrain and filling with water. There are reeds and rocks surrounding the fountain and an armor-less next to the fountain. The character can then click on Scudamore for a conversation to occur. Sir Scudamore describes his heartbreak and that Amoret is being held captive in Castle Busirane. There is a bag containing Scudamore’s Arms sitting next to him, which can be picked up but not used and can be examined.  As far as Scudamore’s image, he has very little clothing on and not metal armor. He has a beard and brown hair and is not very menacing in appearance. 

Team 1:Adonis Tapestry

By: Derek Schatz and Lee Jones

Below is a copy of our initial brainstorming session on our assignment of the Adonis Tapestry. Our first decision was to make the Adonis Tapestry a type of fetch quest. Specifically, Cupid would run out of arrows and ask the player to go get them back from the various Gods he had used them on. We also made character behavioral decisions such as how each god would react to the player. Cupid is a boastful, egotistical character that has fun messing with the God’s hearts. All the other NPC’s would seem to be in a daze when the player finds the god, almost as if they were “distracted” by love. Then after the arrow was removed the God would “come to” and believe all he had experienced was a dream. In this brainstorming session, we also came up with the layout of the land. We decided on the orientation of the gods in relation to Cupid and determined how the area would be structured. We quickly realized that even though players would only be able to travel between areas where we wanted them to, the player could see beyond the borders of the playing area. That lead us to design an area that is directly linked to the next one. For example, between the area where Zeus and Apollo are found (To the east of Cupid on the map), and the area where Saturn is found (To the north of Cupid) a hill is going to continue through those two areas. Even though the players cannot travel across this hill, they will be able to see it extend off into the distance and get a feeling of how the two areas are connected to each other.

Tapestry Brainstorming

Priorities, Priorities, and more Priorities

by Evan Schrager

Thus far in the semester, LOTRO/NWN2 has not directly affected any area of my life. However, it did indirectly change my life because it rekindled my love for the MMO.  When I play LOTRO and NWN2, I am not as involved in terms of immediacy and enjoyment as I normally am in games of this type. Final Fantasy XI has been my favorite online game for a few years now, and my desire to go back to the world of Vana d’iel could not be contained any longer. I re-activated my account, and have started to happily roam the familiar areas again.

Final Fantasy XI is a very addicting MMO, paralleling the addictiveness of games such as WoW and Star Wars: Galaxies. When I wake up, I check the auction house quickly to see if the weapons I need are available. Checking the auction house has replaced checking my facebook on a daily basis (sounds pathetic).

I spend less time on my school work because I am usually involved in something on the game that requires my full attention. I do easy written work while I’m playing, such as math or physics assignments, and focus less attention than I should on them.

I also used to go out 3-4 nights during the week because I had a lot of free time, but that free time is now committed to the games, so I stick to going out on weekends, which isn’t necessarily such a bad thing.

My friends tell me they feel like they have lost a friend, because I am usually in my room playing. In the past I would play guitar and hang out with them in their rooms. Oops! In fact, right now, two players and I are on our way to a battlefield to try and get some rare items to sell for money! How ironic…

My priorities definitely need to be set straight, because I am spending way too much time playing this game. This blog post was a real wake up call for me. But I assure you, I am not alone…thousands of people share my problem. Just gotta keep my priorities straight.

Playing Games For Homework?!

By: Max Mam

I live on a pretty social hall and my roommate and I always leave the door open so that people constantly wander in and out of our room. There have been countless times when I have been leveling up or questing in LOTRO or NWN2 and people come into my room and ask me what I’m up to. I simply reply with a smirk, “Doin’ some homework, man.” I love watching their reactions because they always are amazed and jealous and generally have a ton of questions about the class. It’s fun hearing their comments, but honestly I would rather them leave me alone because I’m busy killing goblins.

Video gaming for this class honestly hasn’t affected my life in any noticeable way. I was a pretty hardcore Final Fantasy XI player in high school, but since coming to college, I’ve yet to touch the game. In high school, I am certain that my video gaming extended into and affected other aspects of my life. Staying up late nights or turning down friends’ requests to hang out just so I could finish a mission or attend an online event were common for me. In college, however, I’ve been careful to make sure that video gaming, whether it be for pure aesthetic pleasure or for class, never interfered in my social or academic lives. I make conscious efforts to ensure that my academics comes first, and that I never neglect my friends for the sake of simple video game entertainment. Even so, I thoroughly enjoy video gaming and would never give it up completely. I am a gamer for life, but RL comes first. Perhaps growing older and a bit more mature has helped me realize the responsibilities I now have.