A whole new world

Like many of my classmates, I am very new to gaming. My first “quest” in Lord of the Rings Online involved figuring out how to actually get the game to work on my computer. The game worked for a few days, and then I suddenly had difficulties getting the game to load. After hours of testing the game, researching, doing more testing, and getting other people to help me, I finally figured out how to download the game to my computer.
Now that it’s working, I find the game to be pretty interesting. I like being able to explore more of Middle Earth than just the lands that the books and movies discuss. The game creators must have put so much creativity and passion into developing all of the details.
Most of the guys I talk to are really jealous that I get to play LOTRO for class and ask me how they can get into the class. My girl friends love to tease me about my LOTRO playing, especially since I don’t fit the typical gamer stereotype, being in a sorority and all. Apparently calling it LOTRO is like having a pet name for it, and they crack up when I start referring to my character in the first person. I’ll be complaining about a wolf attacking me, and they’ll look at me with a confused expression until they realize that I’m referring to the game. My friend told me that the other night I was wearing headphones while playing and letting out little exclamations every now and then. What can I say, I’m glad my frustration entertains people. I think that despite their mocking, they do find the concept fascinating.
In all seriousness, I think the game is really cool, but challenging. It is a little difficult to maneuver my character; I have some issues with getting the right angle for basic tasks, such as opening a door or fighting an opponent. Navigating can be pretty tough, too, since the quest-tracker will indicate the right direction to go, but not the best route to take. There have been a lot of times when I’ve had to skirt around a mountain or creep through some bushes or trees to get to the right place without enemies seeing me. This element of the game has encouraged me to explore and be more creative with the tactics I use in getting places. I’ve had lots of opportunities to explore the Chetwood Forest, since most of my quests have been there, and I keep getting killed and having to go back through the forest again and again. The quests are very difficult, especially the “kill” ones, and my fighting skills are not very well-developed. I like being able to use my Burglar’s advantage and a “Riddle” skill that stuns your opponent, but I’m not very good at regular attacks. I’m definitely mostly interested in uncovering the storyline that the game follows, so sometimes I get annoyed with how long it takes to complete the quests.I think it would be nice to receive a hint or two from the game, but it has been really beneficial to learn from the other people in my class. Hopefully lots of assistance and practice will make me much better at the game than I am now!