Watch Out! There Might be Hobbit Burgler Immediacy Behind You


By: Dan Nockels

I like playing video games, there are many things that I enjoy about them but one that I have recently come to acknowledge more is the ease of control.  Depending on the genre of game being played that sensation can vary but personally my favorite example is Super Smash Bros. (a fighting game made by Nintendo). For a person initiated with the controls making the motions in your mind pass into the reality of the game is seamless and easy. I like it more than other fighting games because it doesn’t have button combos (such as up up b b down up to fire your laser). This game is about as high immediacy as one can expect from a simple consol game.

In the Lord of the Rings Online game there is a lot more potential for immediacy, such as personal attachment to a character, you have been the same character all along and have built him/her up during the course of the game. Having a consistent class and race and merely powering those characters up is a good way to maintain an attachment to ones character. This being said in the actual playing of the game it is difficult to feel the same sense of immediacy that one does in SSB. I would say not just because of an inferior control system but also because of certain features of the game itself.

In my experience as a hobbit burglar, having the ability to stealth is reminder of the video games externality. For me this is because first in real life I can stealth but also because I am reminded of the information dichotomy in programming between private and public. Public features are those that people use when they use computers entering test into something clicking return and getting a result are both examples of public information. Private features are those that do the actual work but that the user cannot access. Now that is not to say that going into stealth is as simple as making my character private but when ever I stealth I am reminded that I am playing a game on a computer.

Quickly mentioning the other part of remediation, hypermediacy, I’m pretty sure that the number of things on the players screen don’t change varying between races and class only the specifics.