Team 1:Adonis Tapestry

By: Derek Schatz and Lee Jones

Below is a copy of our initial brainstorming session on our assignment of the Adonis Tapestry. Our first decision was to make the Adonis Tapestry a type of fetch quest. Specifically, Cupid would run out of arrows and ask the player to go get them back from the various Gods he had used them on. We also made character behavioral decisions such as how each god would react to the player. Cupid is a boastful, egotistical character that has fun messing with the God’s hearts. All the other NPC’s would seem to be in a daze when the player finds the god, almost as if they were “distracted” by love. Then after the arrow was removed the God would “come to” and believe all he had experienced was a dream. In this brainstorming session, we also came up with the layout of the land. We decided on the orientation of the gods in relation to Cupid and determined how the area would be structured. We quickly realized that even though players would only be able to travel between areas where we wanted them to, the player could see beyond the borders of the playing area. That lead us to design an area that is directly linked to the next one. For example, between the area where Zeus and Apollo are found (To the east of Cupid on the map), and the area where Saturn is found (To the north of Cupid) a hill is going to¬†continue through¬†those two areas. Even though the players cannot travel across this hill, they will be able to see it extend off into the distance and get a feeling of how the two areas are connected to each other.

Tapestry Brainstorming