Life on the Citadel

This may be the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. Ok, not really, but it’s up there. The question is, which video game or movie universe would I pick to live in? After some very critical thinking (and some coin tossing) I’ve decided that if  I had to choose a video game universe to live in, it would be Mass Effect’s.

Mass Effect is set in the indeterminable future where an “Element Zero” has been discovered. This element created a negative mass field, meaning that a particle (or vehicle) affected by this element can be accelerated past the speed of light. With FTL travel, colonizing distant planets became easy for humans. Also, several alien races are introduced in these games. A main trading post for all races is the citadel, pictured below.

I personally feel this would be an amazing place to live. Each of the 5 “arms” are actually huge cities, and the ring in the middle houses the government and a lake. Gravity it artificially produced by rotating the entire citadel. because this produces a centripetal force inward of velocity squared over radius, the normal force would act like gravity. Enough science (for now), so why is this world so appealing?

First, I want to be a physicist. And as a physicist, if humans somehow figured out how to travel faster than light, it would open up a whole new realm of scientific exploration. Imagine the advancement possibilities of lengthening human life and meeting new races (in the mass effect universe of course). But there is a more selfish reason I would enjoy this universe scientifically. I love space, and am utterly fascinated by it. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to ride through the galaxy looking at the magnificence and beauty of Creation.

Another factor that made my choice clear was thinking about how freaking awesome it would be to be able to meet Commander Shepherd. Or even if I didn’t get to meet him, if I was able to experience his amazing salvation of the citadel. While he doesn’t have “superpowers,” Shepherd is freaking awesome. He is a true leader and a hero that, I’m sure, everyone envies. I mean all in all what’s not to love about the Mass Effect universe? You get to meet aliens, be saved by Commander Shepherd, and fly around space.

But I must admit now, that my conscious is torn. I feel my heart truly lies in a very different world. One where science has been replaced by a much more mysterious force. This is the world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and magic. While it is true that the video game world I would live in would be Mass Effect’s I couldn’t possibly not take time fictional universe I truly yearn to be a part of. From first seeing The Sorcerer’s Stone up to reading the last words of The Deathly Hallows, Hogwart’s magical world has captured me. I long to go to Potion and Transfiguration, to talk with Professor Dumbledore, to meet Hermione, Harry, and Ron.

But alas, I suppose that’s why we have video games and books and movies. In order do, in some degree or another, experience a place like no where on earth.


If only I could catch them all

I roll out of bed whenever I feel like—no essays or exams to worry about. Not even school to worry about. I don’t write so good, but who cares. I turn on the TV and the 365 day forecast for my town is seventy degrees and sunny. I go downstairs, say hello to my loving mother, and walk out my front door. Today’s activity, and every other beautiful days’ activity: catch some Pokemon. It’s just another day in the life in the Pokemon world.

I walk to the nearest grassy area, walk back and forth and run into a Pokemon. It’s just a level 6 Sandshrew, but I want one for my pokedex, so I take out my Alakazam and put it to sleep so I can capture it. If I want a little bit more of a challenge, maybe I’ll go to the power plant and try and maybe catch a glimpse of a Zappados. One day, I hope to fight in a gym and get a badge. One day.

Pallet town a bit too slow today? No problem. I’ll just whip out my level 89 flying Charizard, using one of the many technological advances that makes my life so easy—a pokeball, and I’ll be off to Vermillion city in no time. Too lazy to walk to the corner store? No problem. I’ll just take out my full sized bicycle which fits every so compactly into my tiny backpack, and head on over. Or maybe I’m in the mood for the lull of the perfectly blue waves and the caress of the soft ocean breeze. No problem. I’ll just hop onto the back of my level 64 Lapras and surf my way to tropical relaxation.

Life on Pokemon Earth is pretty easy. Because society revolves around Pokemon—the study, capture, and sport—citizens of Pokemon Earth take care of their environment and the natural habitats of the Pokemon. There is no factory pollution or gas guzzling vehicles ruining the ozone. Additionally, the advanced technology makes life much easier. People can store Pokemon on computers, use anti-gravity machines, teleport places, clone Pokemon, and even heal Pokemon instantaneously. (People could also be healed if they ever became sick or hurt, but they never are.) If I had to choose one video game world to live in, it would definitely be the world of Pokemon.