Britomart owned me

By: Sam Fisher


Britomart is not the most gorgeous woman. She is of course fairly attractive, but is no Florimell by any means. She stands at about 5’6’’ and has very blue eyes. Her skin is tougher than a woman’s skin normally might be although it is never fully exposed under her deeply slate grey armor. Her helmet is intricately crafted with a grate on the front for her to speak through, which distorts her voice and provides masculinity to her character. She stands very valiantly and straight suggesting a higher level of masculinity than even some men. She holds a spear embellished with jewels with magical properties. The spear seems to possess some sort of aura that covers Britomart at all times. This enchanted nature could perhaps explain her seeming invulnerability. She also possesses two scars that seem improperly healed and have tainted her flesh from her two encounters with the opposition of her form of chastity.

If Britomart were to vote, she would have chosen Obama of course. Britomart is never on the losing side of any test and voting would be no different. Britomart sees the world form a superior perspective and therefore has a higher status than the average individual. If she were to be compared to anyone, it would be a female Achilles. She possesses qualities of both a valiant warrior, and of a superhuman individual despite her wounds (They seemed to be more symbolic than anything).


Britomart: Didst thou spot a young dame captur’d by the ogress Gorasa?


Sam: I dost not think us to entre such a castle.  I spyed a dragyn entyr yonder only a fortnight ago.


Britomart: Cow’rd! Thou fear removeth all forms of chivalrae. Remain here in my stead, squire.


Sam: Aie.