Sieze the Moment and Climb

In League of Legends snowballing is the name of the game. Big plays that win the game often start as a small minion lead or that double kill that happened near the first dragon fight. Every click really does have an impact; just as every ranked game should mean something. From the first champion select of placements to the final promotion game when you’re 2-2 for the next tier, snowballing your actual win rate is a huge way to get where your goal for the season lies. With the dawn of season 5 on the horizon, here are my reasons why getting a good start is so important in ranked solo queue.

Firstly, it’s important not to get stuck in elo hell – just can’t let it happen. The difference between 7-3 and 6-4 is insane when determining where you are placed. Getting put in bronze as opposed to high silver could mean that you are forced to climb for a lot longer than you should in order to get to the correct elo. As a player who was in silver for months, it really can be challenging to get rolling and pick up the LP you need to escape the pits. It is pretty essential that you take breaks and have the right mindset going into each game that decides your placement.

Right after that, whether you are placed in bronze, silver, or gold, you need to jump right into ranked and try to get up as fast as possible. When the new season starts, many players will be shifting up and down. Your goal as one of the many fish is to try to ride the urrent upwards. There are going to be many good players mixed in with awful players. Remember this and use I to your advantage, make those good players strong and crush the weaker individuals. While it’s important to climb, it’s even more important to not get bogged down. No matter what, don’t rage or you will find yourself in a place you don’t belong in – so take breaks when the going gets tough.

A lot of players like to use elo boosting at the end of seasons in order to scramble to a better tier, but I’d argue that being boosted at the beginning is even more useful. You get put in a better spot, get to play and learn from higher quality players, and really get better at the game. When the new season comes, don’t get down on where you were, get climbing!



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