Venus & Adonis Tapestry

Background: Venus and Adonis Tapestry

Canto III, Stanza 34-38

The player is transported into a lush forest with a small clearing. Enclosed by the thick tree line, the clearing centers around a large stone fountain. You hear faint sounds of birds chirping, water splashing and leaves rustling.  The player can see two figures in the distance to the right of the fountain. Upon approaching, the figures become more distinct.  The player makes out a fair skinned, god-like woman, dressed in black, kneeling over a wounded, blonde haired man dressed in armour. He seems wounded and she weeps over his body. This is quite the peculiar sight since there is no one else around, so the player approaches them.

When the player inquires what has happened, the woman, Venus, tells the player that a boar attacked Adonis and he is quickly dying. He had a habit for chasing animals that were too big to fight. The player is faced with the choice to help the wounded Adonis or to be on his way. If the player chooses to help, he or she is instructed to fetch water from the fountain in the center of the clearing. The player must collect water from the fountain and bring it back to Venus.

However, the water was not enough and Adonis dies. Venus kneels down over the body and begins to sob.  Her mourning is disturbed by rustling in the bushes. Startled, she looks to the left and yells “Oh no! The boar is back! Kill it and avenge Adonis’ death!!” The screen then shifts to the tree line to reveal an angry boar.  The boar then charges towards them and the player must kill him in order to protect Venus and himself. After a gory battle, the player is victorious. Venus rewards the player with armour as a symbol of her gratitude, and continues to mourn Adonis in peace.

NPCs involved


Godly figure with beautiful fair skin and long blonde hair.  Dressed in black she is kneeling over her gravely wounded lover, Adonis.


Venus’ lover who is fair skinned, dressed in Armor, with short blonde hair.  He is laying on the ground bleeding, near death. Venus is kneeling over him.


A large and strong Boar that charges the player from behind the tree line when Adonis dies. If killed, rewards the player with experience points.

Quests and Dialogue:

1) Revive Adonis:

  • Player clicks on Venus to discover that Adonis is wounded: “Help, Adonis is dying! The boar attacked him!! I told him it was dangerous, but he didn’t listen”

    • If player chooses to help (“Oh no! How can I help!?”), they are instructed to fetch water

      • “Fetch water from the fountain! Quick!” -Venus

        • Run to the fountain, locate and fill the pitcher

      • Bring the water to Venus

      • Continue on to quest 2

    • If player chooses not to help, they are transported back into Castle Joyous (“I’m sorry I cannot be of greater help, I must be on my way”)

2) Avenge Adonis:

  • As Adonis dies, the boar reappears

  • Venus instructs the player to kill the boar in order to save both of their lives

    • “Oh no! The boar is back! Kill it and avenge Adonis’ death!!” -Venus

    • “Don’t worry! I’ll save us!” Fight and kill the boar

      • “You did it! Thank you for saving my life, now I can mourn the death of Adonis in peace. Please take this armor to represent my gratitude.” -Venus

      • “Glad I could help, I must be on my way now”- Player

      • Reward: Venus presents player with armor

    • If the boar kills you, choose to respawn and continue fighting or respawn to designated zone

-Emily Blake, Shao-Yu Chen, and Molly Steckler

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